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Interactive foil for engaging experiences
Interactive foil converts plain glass into an engaging experience

Interactive foil converts a glass surface into an unforgettable touch screen experience. Applied to the back of glass, VisualPlanet’s

Touch screen overlay by a leading touch foil manufacturer
Touch screen overlay to turn your glass surface interactive

Do you want to engage customers with an interactive, immersive experience? A touch screen overlay converts a standard LCD display or glass

Multi touch screen overlay for engaging experiences
Multi touch screen overlay to create an interactive experience

Engaging. Interactive. Immersive. VisualPlanet’s multi touch screen overlay is designed to turn most glass surfaces into a touch screen

Use the VisualPlanet PCAP foil to make a colourful, engaging touch screen kiosk for any environment
Touch screen kiosk provides an engaging, interactive public display

Easily create a touch screen kiosk with a projected capacitive (PCAP) foil. Interactive kiosks engage customers with your brand and provide

PCAP foil is ideal for interactive wayfinding kiosk solutions
Interactive wayfinding kiosk enhances the visitor experience

Do you need a wayfinding solution for a city centre, tourist area or shopping centre? An interactive wayfinding kiosk enhances the visitor

As PCAP touch screen manufacturers, VisualPlanet make interactive tables, windows and more.
PCAP touch screen manufacturers provide versatile touch solutions

VisualPlanet are experienced PCAP touch screen manufacturers. The company specialises in projected capacitive (PCAP) foils. PCAP foils can

Make a waterproof touch screen for outdoor advertising
Waterproof touch screen PCAP foil for outdoor and industrial displays

Do you need a waterproof touch screen? VisualPlanet manufactures projected capacitive (PCAP) touch foils that are ideal for waterproof

Use projected capacitive touch film to turn an LCD screen into an interactive display
Projected capacitive touch film for engaging, interactive experiences

With a projected capacitive touch film, you can turn a glass pane or LCD display into a touch sensitive surface. Projected capacitive films

Use a custom size PCAP foil to make a large outdoor touch screen that promotes your brand
Outdoor touch screen foils for interactive digital signage solutions

Outdoor touch screen foils make your LCD displays interactive, boosting customer engagement and providing a memorable experience.

Use a PCAP foil to make a large format touch screen display shop window
Large format touch screen display for unique, interactive experiences

Do you need a large format touch screen display? Projected capacitive (PCAP) foils allow you to convert any glass surface into a touch

Use touch screen glass for unique curved gaming machines
Touch screen glass for unique interactive experiences

Projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screen glass is ideal for industrial, commercial and public environments. PCAP touch screens are

CASH Special
CASH Special | stuns animals using a penetrating bolt

The CASH Special stunning tool uses cartridges to fire a penetrating bolt to make an animal insensitive to pain before slaughtering. It has

CASH Magnum Concussion
CASH Magnum Concussion | stuns animals with a non-penetrating bolt

The CASH Magnum Concussion is an extremely effective stun tool. The design combines a “blunt head” with the energy of.25” calibre

International Debt Collection
UK Debt Collection - Credit Limits International

UK Debt Collection UK Debt Collection Agency Credit Limits International is the only Small Agency to have received an Award from the Credit

Organic shower gel main image
Organic Shower Gel 250ml | ideal for gently cleaning your skin

Organic Shower Gel Product Description The high levels of Antioxidants and Vitamin E found in Mediterranean olive oil in our d'Olive

Airtight Slimline Computer Enclosure Main image
Airtight Slimline Computer Enclosure For Clean Room Environment

Designed for use in sterile, pharmaceutical, clean-room and laboratory areas, Armagard’s airtight slimline computer enclosure is

Debt Collection Letter
Debt Collection Letter - Credit Limits International

Debt Collection Letter CLI Debt Collection Letter is designed to be a payment accelerator for your overdue accounts wether your customers

Simple sound level meter main image
simple sound level meter easy noise monitoring

Need a Simple, State-of-the-Art Sound Level Meter to Monitor Noise Levels? Easy to operate yet super-advanced, the Optimus Yellow Simple

Easy Noise Nuisance Recording Device
Easy Noise Nuisance Recording Device used by housing associations

Are you a housing officer seeking an Easy Noise Nuisance Recording Device? Choose the TrojanLITE from Cirrus Research… Thanks to the

drive thru digital signage enclosure main image
Drive Thru Digital Signage Enclosure Protecting Digital Menu Networks

The Toughest Drive Thru Digital Signage Enclosure Around Protect Entire Drive Thru Digital Menu Networks with the Ultimate Enclosure for

digital drive thru menu board enclosure main image
Digital Drive Thru Menu Board Enclosure, Triple Screen Protection

Get the Most Out of Your Digital Drive Thru Menu Board Enclosure… The Digital Drive Thru Menu Board Enclosure is new to the Armagard

Environmental Noise Measurement main image
Environmental Noise Monitoring | Noise Monitoring Instruments | Cirrus

Optimus Green Environmental Noise Meters If you’re looking to meet any environmental noise standard or regulations, an optimus green is

Digital sound level meter main image
Digital Sound Level Meter Range | Optimus | Prime Performance

Need a no nonsense noise measurement device?  Use the Optimus digital sound level meter. Digital sound level meter features:

Wireless Personal Sound Meter
Wireless personal sound meter to measure worker noise dose exposure

Seeking the latest in noise dosimeter technology? Look no further than the doseBadge5 wireless personal sound meter... The fifth