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Radio NTP Time Server NTS-6002-MSF
Time Server - Rackmount Radio Time Server - NTS-6002-MSF

Time Server The NTS-6002-MSF radio NTP time server combines an MSF radio atomic time signal clock with an embedded Linux solid state

NTP Time server GPS NTS-6002-GPS
NTP Time Server GPS - Galleon NTS-6002-GPS

NTP Time Server GPS Hardware The NTP Time Server GPS NTS-6002-GPS Hardware has been upgraded to include a quad core CPU and reduce the

Unicast NTP Software CD view
Unicast NTP Software to synchronise time on clients/servers

Unicast NTP Software is required to synchronise the time on Windows based PC's, workstations and servers across a network and uses unicast

4 Digit IP Clock
Galleon 4 Digit IP Clock - Accurate and reliable Digital Clock

4 digit IP Clock to plug into your ethernet network providing accurate time throughout your business,  Integrated with 4 LED's that

Inova 6-Digit NTP Clock front
Inova 6-Digit NTP Clock for Networks | Galleon Systems

The Inova 6-Digit NTP Clock is available in either (HH:MM:ss) or (HH:MM) formats. It is fitted with anti-glare plexiglass and available in

NTP Digital Clock front
BRG NTP Digital Clock for accurate time synchronisation | Galleon Systems

The BRG NTP Digital Clock offers a presentable and clear display that’s ideal for warehouses and large office environments. Compatible

Dual Ethernet NTP Server NTS 6002-GPS-MSF
Dual Ethernet NTP Server - Galleon NTS-6002-GPS-MSF

Dual ethernet NTP server NTS-6002-GPS-MSF dual ethernet NTP server is a highly accurate network timing device. The unit synchronises to

GPS NTP server NTS-4000-R-GPS
Rackmount GPS NTP Server - NTS-4000-R-GPS

The NTS-4000-R-GPS GPS NTP Time Server combines a GPS receiver with an embedded solid state computer running Galleon Systems' proprietry,

6-Digit NTP Clock
Galleon NTP Clock

Synchronize your operational efficiency with the smart and professional 6 digit PoE (Power over Ethernet) NTP clock from SignalClocks.

GPS network time server antenna
GPS Network Time Server - Network Time Synchronisation

Entry level GPS network time server The TS-400 GPS network time server is supplied as an active GPS antenna and comes with software to


The FP-COMB 32 coupling/decoupling network for use with the Surge Combination Wave, Ring Wave, and EFT/Bursts testing. Fully compliant with

Network time server front
Network time server to supply time to a Windows sever or workstation when configured as a server.

Network time server MSF network time server to supply time to a Windows sever or workstation when configured as a server. The TS-500-MSF

GPS time receiver front
GPS Time Receiver

The AC-400-GPS time receiver tracks up to 8 satellites to synchronise a single computer to UTC time in any location worldwide.

GPS NTP appliance front
GPS NTP Appliance

GPS NTP appliance The TS-900 GPS NTP appliance consists of a GPS clock, GPS antenna and TimeSync software. The GPS clock is attached to a

NTS-4000-S NTP time server front
Time Server - Standalone Radio NTP Time Server - NTS-4000-S-MSF

NTP Time Server A standalone version of the NTS-4000-R rackmount units. The NTS-4000-S NTP time server is an entry level dedicated NTP

Radio time server front
Radio Time Server

The TS-900-MSF radio time server solution consists of an MSF clock, MSF antenna and NTP software (TimeSync).

Network Digital Clock
Galleon Network Digital Clock

Conduct your operations to the same schedule with the highly visible PoE (Power over Ethernet) network digital clock from SignalClocks.

NTP server NTS-6001
NTP Server - Galleons NTS-6001-GPS-MSF

NTS-6001-GPS-MSF dual NTP server is a professional grade, highly accurate network timing device. The unit synchronises to connected GPS and

AXOS 8 - Compact Generator
AXOS 8 Compact Generator

The AXOS 8 - Compact Generator are a compact solution integrating several EMC tests into one single economic solution. This allows for

ONYX Series - Electrostatic Discharge Simulator Gun
ONYX Series (Electrostatic discharge simulator gun)

The ONYX Series -Electrostatic discharge simulator gun is a state of the art electrostatic discharge simulator available in 16kV or 30kV

Network Time Server GPS Receiver front
Network Time Server GPS Receiver - TS-700-GPS

The Network Time Server GPS Receiver features a GPS clock which supplies time to the computer via a serial interface and TimeSync software

MSF Radio Clock side view
MSF Radio Clock

MSF Radio Clock with Remote Antenna (IP65) The MSF radio clock is an advanced radio time code receiver. The antenna is rated to IP65 and

GPS atomic clock front
GPS Atomic Clock

The AC-500-GPS atomic clock is a mains powered GPS antenna that can track up to 8 satellites to synchronise a single computer to UTC time in

Atomic clock server front
Atomic clock server

The AC-700-GPS is mains powered atomic clock server that can track up to 12 satellites and has pulse per second (PPS) for increased