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MJ Exhibition contractor main image
Exhibition Contractor delivering custom-built Exhibition stands to you

MJ Exhibitions is a family-run Exhibition contractor specialising in custom-built exhibition stands. We create platforms that tell a

LCD digital signage in four different sizes
LCD digital signage for effective outdoor advertising

LCD digital signage by Armagard is the best outdoor advertising solution. Digital signage replaces printed posters and always looks modern.

Wogaard Coolant Saver Kit
Coolant Saver Kit

Wogaard Coolant Saver Technology Save up to 50% of CNC machines' coolant and reduce significantly disposal costs with Wogaard Coolant Saver

Wogaard's 'Keep-It-Covered' Swarf Bin Cover
Keep-It-Covered Swarf Bin Cover

Swarf Bin Covers Do not let vapours go out of the swarf bin, keep them in with Wogaard's 'Keep-It-Covered' Swarf Bin Cover. Reduce

Waterproof Outdoor TV Enclosure
Waterproof Outdoor TV Enclosure

Providing superior protection, the waterproof outdoor TV enclosure enables you to bring your indoor TV ouside, safely. This high endurance

Professional translation agency
Professional translation agency based in Surrey, UK

CORE TRANSLATION SERVICE Core translation service is a standalone service that is intended for information purposes where style is not a

Surrey Translation Agency
Surrey Translation Bureau, Surrey Translation Agency

Editing Designed for publication content where the style, flow and impact of the final document are key, such as web and app content,