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Safety Officers [Safety Officers Noise Measurement Kits]

safety officers measurement kits

Safety Officers Noise Measurement Kits

  • A complete noise measurement solution for both occupational & environmental noise measurements
  • Combine any Optimus sound level meter with up to 5 doseBadge noise dosimeters
           - Optimus Red for occupational noise & industrial hygiene
           - Optimus Green for environmental & occupational noise
           - CR:110A standard doseBadges
           - CR:110AIS Intrinsically Safe doseBadges with ATEX, FM (C & US), IECEx & EEx Certification
           - CR:110A/BLK doseBadges with a black case
           - CR:112AIS Intrinsically Safe doseBadge with MSHA Certification
  • Single robust carrying case for all the components & accessories
  • Includes the NoiseTools software for download, reporting & analysis

Safety Officers Noise Measurement Kits

The Safety Officers Noise Measurement Kit is a complete set of noise measurement tools that can be configured to meet your exact needs.

The kits contain a combination of an Optimus sound level meter and doseBadge noise dosemeters along with all the required accessories for each instrument. All the equipment is supplied together in a single robust carrying case

The Sound Level Meter chosen to accompany the doseBadge can be selected to suit your requirements and to give you the measurements you need.

Choose your ideal combination of instruments

Simply select the optimus sound level meter and the number of doseBadges that meet your needs.

The doseBadges can be either the standard CR:110A version or the Instrinsically Safe CR:110AIS version which carries ATEX, EEx, IECEx and FM (C & US) certifications.

If you're measuring occupational noise, such as the Noise at Work Regulations or OSHA, choose from the optimus red (CR:160) Series.

If you need to make environmental noise measurements or if you need to cover both environmental and occupational noise, choose one of the optimus green (CR:170) Series.

A selection of example kits is shown overleaf but remember that a Safety Officer's Noise Measurement Kit can be tailored to your exact requirements.

What's included in the kit?

Each Safety Officers Noise Measurement Kit includes the Sound Level Meter, windshield, acoustic calibrator and doseBadges, batteries and power cables, user manuals, quick start guide and calibration certificates.

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