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doseBadge5 dosimeter [Wireless Personal Decibel Meter]

wireless personal decibel meter mounted on a helmet

Want a wireless way to track noise levels in the workplace? The doseBadge5 dosimeter does the job…

No controls, no cables, no displays, yet packed with a range of functions and features, the doseBadge5 wireless personal decibel meter can be used for compliance with any occupational noise standard. Featuring high speed, USB data downloading via the doseBadge5 dock you can access information, while charging up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Wireless Communication for Capturing Noise Data, Fast

With wireless communication to the dBLink App (available for Android and iOS) or the dosebadge5 wand, the device can be configured and controlled without user interference. Schedule noise measurements to start, stop or pause automatically with the unique timer functions and deploy the doseBadge5 dosimeter fast and efficiently.

A genuine multi-channel noise measurement instrument, the doseBadge5 Wireless Personal Decibel Meter delivers up to 4 independent integrators and 2 peak channels, each inclusive of one second data logging.

Compact & Consistent

Whether you're working to Noise at Work Regulations, meeting the requirements of OSHA(HC) and OSHA(PEL) or combining a number of different regulations such as OSHA(HC), OSHA(PEL), ACGIH & ISO1996, the doseBadge5 delivers the information you need, quickly, accurately and consistently. It’s the compact way to collect all the noise data you need.


Key Features Of The Wireless Personal Decibel Meter

  • No controls, cables or displays
  • 4 noise dosimeters in one instrument with full data available for all channels
  • Multi-channel data logging at 1 second resolution per channel
  • Simple setup, deployment & data download
  • Data download via USB through the 5 Dock/Charger
  • Automatically start, pause & stop measurements with the scheduled timers
  • NoiseTools software supplied as standard for reporting & data analysis

Why Choose a doseBadge5 Wireless Personal Decibel Meter?

  • Covered by our 15 Year ‘No Quibble’ Warranty for your peace of mind
  • Ideal for measurements to ISO9612:2009, CFR 1910.95 and the Noise at Work Regulation
  • Over 20 years of doseBadge development

Simple Data Download

Depending on which version of the Optimus Digital Sound Level Meter Range you choose, you will receive innovative NoiseTools software, which you can use to quickly and simply download, analyse and share your comprehensive measurement data.

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