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Company Cards [Plastic ID card printing service]

Company Cards plastic ID card printing service
Company Cards plastic ID card printing service

Company Cards provides a leading plastic ID card printing service.

Identity cards are an essential tool for businesses that have restricted access areas. They can be personalised to the company and each employee, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity taking place. This ensures your business and employees remain safe.

Give your business an identity with Company Cards.

Why do you need a plastic ID card printing service?

There are many reasons why personalised identity cards are essential for keeping your business and employees safe and secure:

  • They reduce the risk of non-employees entering restricted areas
  • They ensure controlled access areas can’t be entered without the correct form of ID
  • They reduce the risk of criminal activity taking place within your business as people can be easily identified
  • They reduce the risk of fraud, as they can be manufactured to contain the personal details of each employee, including a photo

However, personalised ID cards aren’t only useful for security purposes. They also:

  • Enable employees to easily identify each other, making it easier to get to know one another
  • Enable clients to quickly identify employees
  • Create a sense of membership within the business
  • Allow employees and clients to feel more secure

Whether you need to keep your business secure or just give it an identity, a plastic ID card printing service is essential for your business.

Why choose Company Cards as your plastic ID card printing service?

Experience Company Cards has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing personalised identity cards
History The company has manufactured ID cards for major companies across the world, including Kleeneze and Everton FC
Fast They aim to fulfil orders within 5 working days on approval of artwork
High quality The latest digital print technology is used to guarantee the highest quality of plastic card
Quantity Any number of personalised ID cards can be supplied
Personal You will be assisted by an account manager from the moment you make your first enquiry
Backed up The company owns double the required equipment, mitigating the potential risk of delay
Adaptability ID cards can be printed in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as with a multitude of different features
Extras Company Cards offers a wide range of optional extras with its plastic cards

Optional extras with your plastic ID card printing service

Company Cards manufactures personalised identity cards with the following features:

  • Gloss
  • Matt
  • Signature Panel
  • Magnetic stripe
  • Braille

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