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TH Temp Series thermometer probes [rugged digital thermometer]

rugged digital thermometer

Eurolec Instruments is a market leading manufacturer of rugged digital thermometers.

The TH temp series thermometer probes are a range of professional, compact, and lightweight thermometers and probes. Rugged thermometer probes are suitable for many different applications, including food manufacturing and pharmaceutical measurements.

Each instrument is designed with a robust surface to cope with hostile environments, and can take a wide range of temperatures. Long battery life and guaranteed quality make the TH temp series the best thermometer probe available.

The two types of TH series rugged digital thermometer are TH102KC and TH103TC.

The TH temp series rugged digital thermometer has the following features:

Wide range A variety of professional, compact, and lightweight thermometers and probes provide features useful for many different applications.
Robust metal case A strong exterior makes it suitable for a variety of hostile environments.
Smooth, splash-proof surface A robust surface makes it hygienic, ideal for food manufacturing, HACCP compliance, and pharmaceutical and laboratory environments.
Long battery life It can last up to 350 hours, and can enable auto switch off to conserve battery life.
Backlit display A simple to use display makes it easy to use in all environments.
Wide temperature range A temperature range covering -150°C to 800°C makes it suitable for a wide range of applications and environments.
Guaranteed quality The TH103TC probes are supplied with a UKAS-traceable calibration certificate, guaranteeing quality.

Technical information about both types of rugged digital thermometer:

Specification TH102KC TH103TC
Instrument A handheld probe thermometer with metal case A handheld probe thermometer with metal case
Temperature range -200°C to 1200°C -200°C to 400°C
Sensor type K Type thermocouple T Type thermocouple
Power supply 9V DC PP3/LR61 battery 9V DC PP3/LR61 battery
Operating temperature 5°C to 40°C 5°C to 40°C
Dimensions 137mm x 69mm x 27mm 137mm x 69mm x 27mm

Both types of TH103TC rugged digital thermometer are supplied without a probe. A full range of suitable probes are available, including customised probes, upon request.

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