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BRG NTP Digital Clock [Product code: Various Codes]

NTP Digital Clock front
NTP Digital Clock left
NTP Digital Clock back

The BRG NTP Digital Clock offers a presentable and clear display that’s ideal for warehouses and large office environments. Compatible with any Galleon unit with the product code NTS and TS, the Model-B NTP Digital Clock is capable of synchronizing with any local NTP server through a standard Ethernet cable.

The BRG NTP Digital Clock is available in unit size from 1.8 to 12 inches and presented with a glossy black finish, easily installed and powered by either PoE or a separate power supply, Galleon Systems provide cost-effective and comprehensive solutions for displaying your businesses network time.

Key Benefits

  • Synchronized and highly accurate, the time is automatically updated to ensure consistency and reliability
  • Uses PoE (Power over Ethernet) for easy installation and operation
  • Hundreds of clocks can be configured from a single PC
  • Available with character heights up to 12”, time is clearly communicated


  • 19" Rack Mounting
  • Flush Mount
  • Ceiling Mount


  • Sturdy Metal Frame
  • Glossy Black


  • Synchronisation Specialists
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • FCC and CE Certified

Product specification for BRG NTP Digital Clock

Display: 4 Digits (HH:MM) or 6 Digits (HH:MM:ss)
Format: 12 or 24 Hours and Minutes
Properties: Mega or Tiger Processor
Colours: Red LED Display and Glossy Black Finish
Visibility: 50 - 188 Meters
Power: Mains Powered or Powered over Ethernet
Battery Backup: Clock circuit with battery backup
Digit Height: Dimensions
(HH:MM) 1.8” (W)31.1 x (H)15.9 x (D)5.7 (cm)
(HH:MM) 2.5” (W)31.1 x (H)15.9 x (D)5.7 (cm)
(HH:MM) 4” (W)38.7 x (H)21 x (D)5.7 (cm)
(HH:MM) 7” (W)79.4 x (H)25.1 x (D)5.7 (cm)
(HH:MM) 12” (W)120 x (H)37.5 x (D)5.7 (cm)
(HH:MM:ss) 1.8” (W)38.7 x (H)15.9 x (D)5.7 (cm)
(HH:MM:ss) 2.5” (W)46.4 x (H)15.9 x (D)5.7 (cm)
(HH:MM:ss) 4” (W)61.6 x (H)21 x (D)5.7 (cm)
(HH:MM:ss) 7” (W)114.9 x (H)25.1 x (D)5.7 (cm)
(HH:MM:ss) 12” (W)181 x (H)37.5 x (D)5.7 (cm)

What's in the box

  • BRG NTP Digital Clock
  • Instructions

Additional Extras

The following products are also available for use with the BRG NTP Digital Clock:

  • Time servers

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