TradeSift, the economic trade policy analysis software

TradeSift [Economic trade policy analysis software]

TradeSift, the economic trade policy analysis software

TradeSift is an economic trade policy analysis software. The software is conceptualised by three economists from the University of Sussex. The team has a collective experience of more than 100 years in both the public and private sector.

The TradeSift software can analyse economic trade data and policies to measure its impact on various industries and sectors. The software eliminates the need to hire trained personnel or a consultancy service. It also eliminates the need for an expensive and complicated modelling system.

TradeSift has two software models; TradeSift PRO and TradeSift EDU. TradeSift PRO is designed to provide extensive data analysis on trade data and policies. TradeSift EDU is designed specifically for students and instructors of international economics and economics of regional integration.

Benefits of the economic trade policy analysis software

  • Export/import trade analysis 
  • Identifies growing and declining markets and the different opportunities and problems in the markets
  • Fast and consistent assessment of cost and benefit analysis
  • Analyses trade policy before and after its implementation, including Brexit trade policies
  • Generates prioritises and strategies based on actual trade data and economic performance

The economic trade policy analysis software has the following features

  • Rapid viewing and analysis of trade and tariff data
  • Variety of indicators for robust analysis
  • Checklist of important factors for analysis
  • Maintains domestic objectives
  • Simplifies prioritisation
  • Standard trade database available, for example WITS, COMTRADE, Eurostat, BACI and GTA
  • Built in word processor and spreadsheet
  • Easy to use – Microsoft Office inspired interface
  • Offline mode – Does not require internet connection beyond the initial installation
  • Reports – generate graphs, tables and reports
  • Fast process

TradeSift PRO is ideal for the following organisations and industries

  • Governments
  • International business
  • Consultancies
  • Universities
  • Researchers
  • NGOs
  • Research groups

TradeSift EDU is ideal for the following organisations and people

  • University
  • Higher education institutes
  • Undergraduates and postgraduate students
  • Teachers/Instructors for international economics and regional integration

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