Learn how to analyse trade data comprehensively

TradeSift and Training [how to analyse trade data]

Learn how to analyse trade data from the experts

InterAnalysis offers the perfect solution to how to analyse trade data with the TradeSift software. The TradeSift software analyses trade, tariff and GDP data extensively. Our training courses, and online training course offer students a greater understanding of economic concepts and their practical applications.

How to analyse trade data using the TradeSift software

e TradeSift software analyses trade data and policies to measure their impact on various industries. The software eliminates the need to hire trained personnel or a consultancy service. It also eliminates the need for an expensive and sophisticated modelling system.

The software includes:

  • Rapid export/import analysis – Identifying market opportunities and issues
  • Fast and consistent assessment of cost and benefit analysis
  • Diagnostic trade indicators
  • Trade report – Identifying export opportunities for different sectors and markets
  • Easy integration with standard trade databases, e.g. WITS, COMTRADE, Eurostat, BACI and GTA
  • Analyses of trade policies before and after its implementation, including Brexit trade policy
  • Ability to generate personalised priorities and strategies based on actual trade data and economic performance
  • Research on trade impacts – Issues and opportunities for governments, different sectors and chambers of commerce

Learn how to analyse trade data from the experts

InterAnalysis has a broad network of highly trained trade policy experts. Situated at the University of Sussex, they work closely with the UK Trade Policy Observatory (UKTPO) and the Centre of Analysis of Regional Integration (CARIS).

The online trade data analysis course consists of 4 modules and can be completed in two days. The online course offers full flexibility and has no time restraints. The course is approved by Sussex University and has CPD credentials.

The course includes the following:

  • Analyses of trade in goods
  • Analyses of trade in services
  • Analyses of raw trade data and economic theory for practical economic analysis
  • Empirical insight into trade data, categorised by region, product and more
  • Access to all course materials
  • Access to training videos
  • A full permanent licence of the TradeSift EDU software with free support for one year
  • Online/remote support
  • A certificate showing completion of all modules and exercises
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) accreditation
  • TradeSift PRO software at a discounted rate

InterAnlayis also provides extensive training workshops for capacity building to organisations across the world. Contact us now to learn how to analyse trade data.

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