InterAnalysis offers an International trade policy course

Online training course [international trade policy course]

international trade policy course

InterAnalysis offers an international trade policy course for their TradeSift software. The TradeSift software enables its user to analyse trade, tariff and GDP data extensively. The online training course gives students a greater understanding of economic concepts and its practical applications.

The online course reflects the on-site training programme. The course has no time restrictions and offers full flexibility. The course is approved by the University of Sussex and has CPD accreditation.

The international trade policy course is ideal for the following people:

  • Chamber of commerce
  • Desk officers who need an easy to use trade data analysis tool
  • Economic undergraduates and postgraduate students
  • Economists
  • Teachers/Instructors for international economics and regional integration
  • Trade journalists
  • Trade policy analysts

The online course includes:

  • Analysing trade in goods
  • Analysing trade in service
  • Analysing raw trade data and economic theory for practical economic analysis
  • Empirical insight into trade data, categorised by region, product and more
  • Transferable data analytics skills

The international trade policy course includes:

  • A full permanent licence of the TradeSift EDU software with free support for one year
  • Access to all course materials
  • Access to training videos
  • A certificate upon completion of all modules and exercises
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) accreditation
  • Online/Remote support
  • TradeSift PRO software at a discounted rate

The TradeSift software analyses trade data and policies to measure its impact on various industries. The software eliminates the need to hire trained personnel or a consultancy service. It also eliminates the need for an expensive and complicated modelling system.

The TradeSift software uses the following indicators:

  • Similarity of export and Import
  • OPN – Openness
  • RCA – Revealed comparative advantage
  • FKI – Finger-Kreinin index
  • IIT – Intra industry trade

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