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InterAnalysis [World trade analyzer database]

I?nteAnalysis, world trade analyzer database
InterAnalysis, world trade analyzer database

InterAnalysis offers a world trade analyzer database, called TradeSift. The TradeSift software provides world trade data and its analysis, which provides the basis for its training and consultancy services.

TradeSift has two software models: TradeSift PRO and TradeSift EDU. TradeSift PRO is designed to provide extensive analysis on trade data and policies. TradeSift EDU is designed specifically for students and instructors of international economics and economics of regional integration.

TradeSift software

The TradeSift software can analyse economic trade data and policies to measure their impact on various industries and sectors. The software eliminates the need for an expensive and complicated modelling system.

The world trade analyzer database provides the following features:

Feature Benefit
Trade impact analysis Helps business generate priorities and strategies based on actual trade data and economic performance
Export/import trade policy analysis Helps discover new market opportunities, and identify export/import issues
Standard trade database, e.g. WITS, COMTRADE, Eurostat, BACI and GTA Provides an extensive range of data that can be cross referenced and analysed using various metrics. This enables businesses and organisations to attain sector/industry specific data
Non-tariff measures and deep regional integration analysis

This provides reliable data, which helps formulate a plan of action

Fast and consistent assessment of cost and benefit analysis Helps make reliable financial decisions
Calculation of diagnostic trade indicators Helps identify missed opportunities and other relevant details
Analysis of trade policy before and after its implementation, including Brexit trade policies Helps businesses and organisations prepare for any changes in policy

Training services

InterAnalysis, has a broad network of world trade experts. Trainers are highly experienced in delivering personalised training courses in developed and developing countries.

InterAnalysis has delivered personalised training course in more than 25 countries around the world. The duration of the course can range from one day to two weeks, depending on the requirement of the business or organisation.

The personalised training course can incorporate the following:

  • How to use the world trade analyzer database
  • Trade in value added
  • Trade in services
  • Partial Equilibrium Modelling
  • Gravity Modelling
  • World trade policy issues – regional trade agreements, export opportunity analysis, and unilateral liberalization

InterAnalysis consultancy service

The InterAnalysis consultancy services is managed by a team of three economists: Professor Jim Rollo CMG, Dr Peter Holmes and Dr Michael Gasiorek. Collectively, they have more than 100 years of experience and practical knowledge.

InterAnalysis has a broad network of highly trained trade policy experts. They work closely with the UK Trade Policy Observatory (UMTPO) and the Centre of Analysis of Regional Integration (CARIS).

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