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UK Gate Valve Specialist [UKGVS3]

UK Gate valve specialist - iron
UK Gate valve specialist
UK Gate valve specialist
UK Gate valve specialist

UK Gate Valve Supplier | NAAS Corporation Limited

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Who is NAAS?

NAAS is a renowned international British procurement company.

The UK Gate Valve Specialist. we stock and supply a wide range of gate valves from stainless steel gate valves to bronze and brass gate valve. Our procurement specialist will aim to give quotations for globe Valves in a timely manner - ensuring excellent pricing and delivery terms.

UK Gate Valve Specialist

Whether you need OEM Gate Valves or made to order, we will work with our gate valve supplier to provide the most competitive quote for you.

Our gate valve supplier

  • Cameron Valves
  • Emerson Valves
  • Alco-Valves
  • Bonney Forge Gate Valves
  • KITZ Gate Valves and many more.

Additionally, we have Chinese and Indian Globe Valve suppliers contacts who can offer especially competitive pricing, without neglecting the quality and technical requirements.

Supply Capabilities

NAAS is a UK Gate Valve specialist and we are confident to supply you with the best quality gate valve and with a competitive price. We mainly stock the Oil & Gas Industry in Sub-Saharan Africa but we are happy to procure for anywhere in the world.

All Specifications and grades available, including AISI (ASTM/ASME), UNS, SAE, JIS, DIN, GB

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