Oil Saver Kit

Oil Saver Kit [145-1000]

Wogaard Oil Saver equipment kit
Environmental solution - Save and reuse neat oil
Oil Kit installation example
Vacuum Cup working example
Swarf bins with Wogaard Oil Saver Kit installed

Wogaard Oil Saver Technology

Save up to 50% of CNC machines' neat oil and reduce significantly disposal costs with Wogaard Oil Saver Kit. The Oil Saver Kit reclaims the neat oil from the swarf bin and returns it to the machine's main reservoir to be reused. Easy installation and no periodic maintenance is required. Do not throw away used neat oil and make a difference to the environment. Benefit from its special Health and Safety features.

And remember, Reduce - Reuse - Recycle.

Wogaard Oil Saver Kit contains:

  • Oil Saver Unit
  • Vacuum (filtered) built in non-return valve with 3 metres 6mm PU Hose

              *can be increased to 5metres

  • 1 metre - 12mm hose outlet
  • Fittings - 1’ T & straight fitting kit (for sliding head with larger hoses)
  • Full step by step Guide & technical support available
  • 1 year warranty

The benefits behind Wogaard Oil Saver Kit:

1. Up to 50% Oil Saving:

  • Reduced topping up.

2. Swarf Valve:

  • Improved price for swarf without neat oil.

3. Manpower reduction:

  • No manual intervention to empty coolant in swarf bin as it is done automatically.
  • Only swarf will require emptying from the bin.

4. Up to 90% saving in disposal:

  • Reduction in disposal cost to remove neat oil.

5. Improved Housekeeping:

  • No neat oil collecting outside the machine or leaking on the floor.

6. Environment:

  • Not only recycling neat oil but NO external power required or outside coolant leaks.

* On the road to ISO14001, with Wogaard Oil Saver Kit you can reduce consumption of cutting fluid; reduce the amount of waste fluid collected and disposed of; and, end fluid leaks that create potential health & safety issues.

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