New Noise Level Meter Calibration Center for North America, Central and Latin America

Noise Level Meter Calibration Center

Acoustic instrument specialists Cirrus Research have extended their professional partnership with NoiseMeters Inc today and announced a new Noise Level Meter Calibration center for both North and South America. NoiseMeters Inc is our exclusive instrument retailer in the USA, and this announcement today cements our relationship further by making them our preferred calibration partner for the whole American continent.

The US occupational safety and environmental markets demand nothing but the best in instrument accuracy and performance. By establishing our calibration center in the USA we can now offer our customers a faster service than before but with the same instrument reliability and quality assurance level.

“NoiseMeters is already well-established in the US and is dedicated to meeting its customers’ needs, both present and future. Adding a high-quality calibration laboratory to our operation is just the next step for us, and we’re excited to partner with Cirrus Research for this.” Andrew Snell, Managing Director of NoiseMeters.

“Calibrating your noise measurement equipment is vital to ensure it carries on meeting the specifications it did when it was brand new,” says Daren Wallis, CEO of Cirrus Research.

“By calibrating your Cirrus Research noise measurement instrumentation annually, you will ensure they continue to meet any Standards, Regulations or Guidelines you are working to, as well as take advantage of Cirrus Research’s industry-leading “no-hassle” 15-year warranty” Daren continued.

All noise measurement brands covered
No matter the brand, we’ve got you covered. NoiseMeters Inc has been fully trained in using our specially developed Unical Calibration Suite to factory calibrate any major model of noise level meter, noise dosimeter and acoustic calibrator including those from Casella, Svantek, Larson Davis, TSI Quest, and SKC to name a few.

Throughout the whole American Continent

Customers throughout the American continent, including the USA, Canada, Central and Southern America and the Caribbean can benefit from this noise meter calibration service and the option to extend your standard 1-year guarantee from Cirrus Research to up to a maximum of 15 years.

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