Create personalised badges with a badge press machine

Badge press machine [Enterprise Products]

A range of badge press machine are available for distributors. Enterprise Products supplies high quality badge machines and components for home and professional use.

The following products are available:

  • Badge press machines
  • Badge making components
  • Badge making kits: A badge press machine and components together

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Badge press machine

Enterprise Products manufactures three sizes of badge press machine: Micro, Mini and Maxi. Each badge machine produces professional quality badges. The only difference is the number of badges that can be made per minute.

Micro Badge Maker Mini Badge Maker Maxi Badge Maker
Badges per minute Up to 3 Up to 5 Up to 8
Available sizes 25, 38, 45, 58, and 77mm 25, 38, 45, 58, and 77mm 25, 38, 45, 58, and 77mm
Machine size Lightweight Mid-range Heavyweight, robust
Suitable for Small volume of badges

Medium volume of badges

High volume of badges suitable for schools and businesses
Material Solid metal Solid metal Solid metal
Guarantee 12 months 12 months 12 months

Badge press machine components

A large range of components can be purchased which work with an Enterprise Products badge press machine. You can purchase components to make the following products:

  • Badges
  • Mirrors
  • Keyrings
  • Bottle opener keyrings
  • Medals
  • Magnets

You can also purchase components to upgrade or replace your existing badge making equipment:

  • Cutting boards
  • Circle cutter
  • Punch cutter
  • Replacement cutting blades
  • Die for micro, mini and maxi badge maker

Badge press machine kits

Badge making kits are available for home, schools, fundraising and awards. A badge making kit includes all the badge making supplies you need to begin making badges.

Each kit includes:

  • Badge press machine
  • Perspex cutting board
  • Circle cutter
  • Components
  • A template for cutting artwork to size
  • Instructions

About Enterprise Products

Enterprise Products is a family run business based in the UK. They have over 30 years’ experience and their badge press machines are sold all over the world. Enterprise Products has an excellent reputation for customer service, and they have outstanding feedback on Amazon and eBay.

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