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Trade show booth designers [trade-show-booth-designers]

Having one of our Trade show booth designers come up with a custom made stand can be a great opportunity to network and showcase your business. Regardless of company size, events, exhibitions, shows and trade fairs provide an excellent opportunity to collect qualified leads, make sales, build relationships and much more. Integrated live event marketing can complement other sales and marketing promotion, but unlike most other marketing forms, at an event you get to meet the buyer face to face and isn't that what you want?

How to make our Trade show booth designers work for you

How do you get your exhibition stand to communicate who you are, what you do, in the time it takes someone to glance at your stand?

Successful exhibition stands are those that get their message over quickly and are often memorable. The key is in the stand design, graphics.

Intelligent use of graphics can communicate a powerful message in a single glance. Here are some tips;

  • Focus on the benefits of your products or services
  • Keep text to a minimum
  • Create a focal point on your stand and ensure sure everything revolves around your overall message / brand concept
  • Your name and your positioning statement should be highly prominent in the design.
  • The design is key, which is why Quantum offer a free 3D design service to provide you with an idea of how your stand would look taking into account your objectives.

Your stand needs to be functional

Will your prospects require seating so you can discuss benefits of your services or products?

  • Do you need shelving for product displays or lockable storage?
  • What kind of traffic flow do you need through your exhibition stand?

How can you enhance the visitor experience?

  • Plasma screens with animation to illustrate your products and services
  • Specialized lighting or audio requirements

MJ Exhibitions Ltd Trade show booth designers partner with some of the best audio visual companies in the industry to provide the latest in technology advances for your exhibition stand.

About MJ Exhibitions
MJ Exhibitions is a family-run group of trade show booth designers specialising in custom designs. We create platforms that tell a brand’s story and present products and services in the best possible light. It’s what we do best. Our design ideas are always original, fresh and individual. We like to collaborate, challenge the brief and surprise our clients.

At MJ Exhibitions we're an experienced and highly skilled team that will design a unique stand to showcase your brand and help you to win new business.

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