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Oil and Gas Cable Supplier [UKOGCS1]

NAAS Oil and Gas Cable Supplier

NAAS is an expert cable supplier, serving the Oil and Gas industry. 

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Who are we

NAAS is world-class Oil and Gas Cable Supplier, with clients across the Africa, The Middle East and the Sub-continent. We have a collective experience of 90+ years in the oil and gas industry, there is no one better to cater to all your needs. We provide high-performance cables for any application: marine/offshore, power, control, instrumentation, communications, signalling and safety critical systems. You ask, we supply.

The Supplier Process

The supply process is quotation based. Our professional team will ensure all needs are met. Our premium service provides the finest quotations, with the best price and quickest delivery times. Cables can be shipped directly straight to you. Any length, size or quantity, we will give the lowest price. 

Oil and Gas Cable Supplier Capabilities

NAAS has the highest standard capabilities as an Oil and Gas Cable Supplier. We constantly strive to produce the highest quality customer service . Our multilingual specialists ensure we provide an extensive range of cables for any application or specification, sourced from around the world. Contact us now!

Cables we supply include: armoured cable, lead cable, low smoke, zero halogen (LSZH cable), high temperature cable, explosion proof cable, fire resistant cable and thermocouple cable.

All cables supplied comply with British, European and International specifications including: EEMUA 133, BS 5308, BS 6195, BS 7655, NEK 606, BS 638, VDEO 282, EN 50288, DIN 89160, ENATS, IEC, UKOOA

Any length, size and quantity.

To make NAAS your Oil and Gas Cable Supplier , email us: export@naasuk.com

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