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Who are we?

NAAS is a renowned international British procurement company.

As a Sealey supplier, we supply a wide range of the professional tools and workshop products. From Hand, Electric and Air Power Tools to a variety of products related to Jacking and Lifting, Lighting and Power or Machine Shop items! Our procurement specialist will aim to give quotations in a timely manner - ensuring most competitive pricing and delivery terms for all Sealey products.

Sealey Supplier

Whether you need large and heavy products or small and light tools, as a Sealey supplier, we will ensure to provide the most competitive quote for you.

Sealey Products:
Electric & Air Power Tools - Air Tool Kit Accessories, Air Saws, Air Drills, Glue Guns, Cordless Drills/Drivers, Impact Ranch Kits 
Jacking & Lifting -  Long Reach & Heavy Duty Trolley Jacks, Vertical Transmission Jacks, Axle Stands, Beam Clamps and Load Slings
Lighting & Power - LED Spotlights, Cable Reels, LED Head torches, Generators, Rotating Beacons, Cables Leads 
Machine Shop - G - Clamps, Diamond Needle File Set, Smoothing Planes, Hacksaws, Disc Cut Off Saws

Should you request any technical details, please send us an email and we will do our best to come back to you.

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