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Who are we?

NAAS is a renowned international British procurement company.

As a Yellow Jacket supplier, we supply a wide range of the HVAC/R Products. From Gauges to HVACR Electronic Instruments/ Vacuum Pumps and more! Our procurement specialist will aim to give quotations in a timely manner - ensuring most competitive pricing and delivery terms for all Yellow Jacket products.

Yellow Jacket Supplier

Whether you need OEM Yellow Jacket products or made to order. As a Yellow Jacket supplier, we will ensure to provide the most competitive quote for you.

Yellow Jacket HVAC/R Products:
Gauges - Mechanical Vacuum Gauges, Ammonia Gauges, Heavy Duty Brass Manifold Gauges 
HVAC Vacuum Pumps -  Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Pump Oil, Heat Gun & Replacement Parts 
HVACR Electronic Instruments - Wireless Refrigerant Charging Scale, Dual Port Manometer, Pocket Thermometers 
HVAC Vacuum & Charging Hoses - Heavy Duty Charging Hose, Ammonia Charging Hose, Sweat Fitting Assembly 

Should you request any technical details, please send us an email and we will do our best to come back to you.

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