Limescale Descaler Water Conditioner Scalebreaker SB05PLUS

Scalebreaker SB05 Water Conditioner [Scalebreaker SB05 Water Conditioner]

Limescale Descaler Water Conditioner Scalebreaker SB05PLUS

Limescale Descaler Water Conditioner Scalebreaker SB05PLUS 

For use in Hard Water Areas where limescale build up is a problem within pipework.

The Scalebreaker Unit will effectively prevent new limescale forming, and reduce existing limescale.

Scalebreaker produces two ranges of water conditioners, a Standard Range which is ideal for water conditioning in areas where hard water levels are up to 250ppm, and a PLUS Range designed for water conditioning in very hard water areas where the levels are in excess of 250ppm.

Limescale Descaler Water Conditioner Scalebreaker SB05 PLUS


Limescale reduction 

Save money on heating and domestic water 

No plumbing, no chemicals, no fuss 

DIY 30 minutes 

Modern technology, fully computerised 

Water can be used for drinking and cooking 

Prolong life of your equipment and appliances 

Silent and unobtrusive 

Limescale can increase your energy bills by 25% 

Bring personal luxury that you can afford.

Limescale Descaler Water Conditioner Scalebreaker SB05PLUS

Water Conditioner Features 

High output - low power consumption

Easy for anyone to install - extremely compact – no plumbing.

Reliable, robust design and maintenance free. 

5 year warranty. 

Fully tried and tested. 

EC certified for electrical emissions. 

Extends the life of kettles, showers, washing machines etc. 

Lab tested and approved for acceptable field strength and effective limescale prevention.

For pipe sizes up to 50mm.

Suitable for Hotels, Large Houses, Industrial Units etc.

Agent and Distributor enquiries welcome.

Limescale Descaler Water Conditioner Scalebreaker SB05PLUS

The scaleBREAKER works by creating a magnetic field which effectively puts calcium salts, responsible for limescale, into suspension, thus providing a complete and permanent end to limescale problems. Not only does the process lead to softening and gradual break-up of existing limescale, but it also prevents the build up of future deposits - without depriving the water of calcium and other valuable minerals 

Using the latest proven technology, the scaleBREAKER sets entirely new standards for water conditioning in domestic as well as for many industrial applications. 

A Genuine breakthrough in water conditioning providing energy cost savings from day one. 

The Scalebreaker should not be used in conjunction with any other type of water conditioner or water softener system, as the performance may be adversely affected.

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