Electrical Safety Analyzer | Rigel 288+ from Rigel Medical

Rigel 288+ [406A913]

The Rigel 288+ is the smallest and most flexible electrical safety analyzer on the market with battery powered earth/ground bond, insulation and leakage testing.

This lightweight & portable electrical safety analyzer offers an accurate and fast solution for meeting international and local safety standards including IEC/EN 62353, AAMI/IEC/EN 60601-1, IEC 61010, NFPA-99, AS/NZ 3551.

Enjoy complete freedom to move around, without the need for mains voltage, thanks to the new battery powered test capability. Using standard AA batteries, tests can be carried out for insulation, earth/ground bond testing, and touch or point-to-point leakage current testing.

Additional 50V DC and 100V DC insulation tests, to complement the 250V DC and 500V DC tests, make the 288+ conform to growing manufacturer's requirements for testing 24V DC and 48V DC operated devices such as operating tables, lights and mobile X-rays.

The Rigel 288+ Downloader App

Transfer medical device test data straight from your pocket. The Rigel 288+ Downloader is an app built to make paperless and wireless data transfer possible for biomedical and clinical engineers performing electrical safety tests, using just a smartphone or tablet.

The app works by generating a PDF containing the test data that can be saved, printed or sent via email and attached to a works order. It gives field service engineers the ability to remotely send test records to an email address so they can be stored to a central database or a CMMS.

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