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Cutback Bitumen [CB]

Cutback bitumen

Cutback bitumen is made by adding controlled amounts of petroleum distillates, such as kerosene. This process is done to reduce the viscosity of the bitumen temporarily so it can penetrate pavements more effectively or to allow spraying at temperatures that are too cold for successfully sprayed sealing with neat bitumen.

The materials used to cutback bitumen will evaporate after application to leave the remaining material similar in hardness to the original bitumen.

Cutback bitumen is used when there is limited access to heating equipment, and bitumen may be cooled throughout working.

This type of bitumen is used in road operations for surfacing and pavement. Medium-Curing (MC) bitumen is achieved from solving pure bitumen into kerosene.

The cutback is classified based on viscosity grade. It is divided into three categories:

  • Rapid Curing (RC): The cutback bitumen is known as rapid curing (RC) if the bitumen is solved in gasoline. The reason is that evaporation occurs quickly, and the bitumen is deposited.

  • Medium curing (MC): MC cutbacks are prepared by solving bitumen in kerosene which evaporates more slowly than gasoline.

  • Slow curing (SC): Slow-curing cutback may be achieved from solving bitumen in gasoil or fuel oil or directly from the distillation of crude oil.

Alianceco aims to supply high quality cutback bitumen at a competitive price, timely delivery by the providing best services to EU, Asia & Africa markets.

Cutback bitumen supply chain

Allianceco finds that supply chains play a critical role in bitumen’s markets. Companies are increasingly challenging their supply chains on multiple dimensions, including flexibility, cost reduction, predictable risk management and customer service levels.

We believe that a supply chain that is closely aligned with business strategy helps to advance business objectives and achieve sustained, profitable growth

Our supply chain solutions contribute to ensuring that our services are a source of competitive advantage for meeting both short and longterm goals.

Packing & Logistics


Technical specification of bituplast
Net filling capacity 40 kilogram
Package height 90 cm
Package wide 43 cm
The palletised box weight:  1.000 KG
The number of packages in every palletized box: 25-30
Each trailer can carry 500-600 non-palletised and 450 palletized packages
Each 20ft container can accommodate 500 non-palletised and 430 palletized packages
Each 40ft container can accommodate 600 non-palletised and 490-500 palletized packages


New Steel Drum Specification 180 KG
Plate thickness (Body) 0.6 cm
Plate Thickness (Top & Bottom) 0.6 cm
LID Hole Position Centre
LID Hole Diameter 20 cm
Net Filling Capacity 182.5 ± 2.5 KG
Empty Drum Weight 9.5 ± 0.2 KG
Height 100 cm
Diameter 50 ± 2 cm
Colour Furnace Black
Each trailer can carry 115 non-palletised and 90 palletized barrels.
Each 20ft container can accommodate 110 non-palletised and 80 palletized barrels.
Each 40ft container can accommodate 137 non-palletised and 150 palletized barrels

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