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CLI Debtor Tracing [CLI_TRACE]

Debtor Tracing

Debtor Tracing requires access to local information and databases which is often only licensed to locally registered professionals. It takes special skills, local knowledge and well introduced contacts to verify the information on the ground.When your customers are based abroad and move address or leave for another country it can be difficult to track them down. Often, they think that moving means they can leave their debts behind and that their creditors will not catch up with them. At CLI we have this know-how for the UK market and we have developed our own international network of contacts over a 20 year period. So, whether your debtors are based in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, America, Asia or have moved anywhere, CLI will have the capability to help you find them and collect the debt they owe you.

The debt recovery process starts with a thorough data validation process. You cannot collect a debt effectively unless you know where your debtor is located. Although you may be in telephone and email contact, Debtor Tracing will enable you to use all the debt collection contact methods and means of communication. By tracing your debtor's at his new address you start the debt recovery process on a strong footing. You have just showed him that you have the capability to trace and you are just about to show him that you have the capability to collect your debt, using all possible debt recovery methods.

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