Move your TV outside using the outdoor TV enclosure

Outdoor TV enclosure [WTE-42-L-B]

Duratek Solutions presents the outdoor TV enclosure. The TV enclosure offers unrivalled protection from the natural elements making it the perfect addition to your pool or garden area.

The TV enclosure eliminates the need for a specialised outdoor TV and cuts down on costs significantly. The TV enclosure is also suitable for commercial purposes.

The outdoor TV enclosure provides you with the following benefits

  • Cost-effective – Costs 50% less compared to a dedicated outdoor TV.
  • Easy installation Increased longevity – Protects the TV for 10 years or more and reduces overheads.
  • Warranty – Protects the warranty on the TV.
  • The rounded edges are safer for children.

Duratek Solutions enables you to move the TV outdoors and protects the TV from natural and human elements.

Features of the outdoor TV enclosure

  • Available in three size formats – The TV enclosure can accommodate all main screens up to 42”, 42” – 55” and 55” – 72”.
  • High density polyethylene is used to extend outdoor use.
  • Protection – The outdoor TV enclosure provides protection from the weather, theft, vandalism and impacts.
  • Clear viewing – The TV enclosure uses a 6mm polycarbonate viewing screen.
  • Convenient – Wall mountable, lightweight and is easily repositioned.
  • A one-time investment – The outdoor TV enclosure is a long-term investment with a high ROI. The TV enclosure reduces costs and has low maintenance requirements.
  • Vents – Two vents to prevent the TV from overheating.

The outdoor TV enclosure is ideal for the following locations and applications

  • Garden and garden parties
  • Patio entertainment
  • Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Beer gardens
  • Outdoor brand promotions
  • Sports hall

The outdoor TV cabinet by Duratek Solutions gives you all the benefits of a dedicated outdoor screen for a fraction of the price. For more information on how the outdoor TV enclosure can benefit you, get in touch with us now. We will be pleased to offer you a complete solution.

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