Waterproof Outdoor TV Enclosure

Professional Outdoor TV enclosure [WTE-42-L-B]

Waterproof Outdoor TV Enclosure

Providing superior protection, the waterproof outdoor TV enclosure enables you to bring your indoor TV ouside, safely. This high endurance enclosure can accommodate most mainstream TVs on the market up to 47".

Fully weatherproof, the enclosure protects your TV against rain and sunlight damage, while providing a high quality viewing experience. Made from high density polyethelene, complete with a 6mm polycarbonate viewing screen, the waterproof outdoor TV enclosure provides protection which will last for years to come.

The waterproof outdoor TV enclosure boosts your garden's entertainment value as your family and friends enjoy pool parties and barbeques while watching the 'big game'. TV can be enjoyed in the fresh air, safely, while you show off your grilling abilities.

The enclosure is a cost effective alternative to dedicated outdoor TVs. You can simply swap out your TV when it comes to the end of its usable life or upgrade to a new high-spec TV, without having to replace the enclosure. It's convenient, low maintenence, easy to self-install and child safe. Save up to 50% less compared with a dedicated outdoor TV.

The waterproof outdoor TV enclosure is ideal for: -

- Outdoor Occasions

- Restaurants

- Beer Gardens

Or even your very own brand advertisement.

Now you have the ability to take your TV outside, thanks to the waterproof outdoor TV enclosure, you no longer have to plan social events that are restricted to indoors.

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