Badge making set for custom badges

Badge making set [Enterprise Products]

A badge making set from Enterprise Products includes all the equipment you need to make badges, mirrors, keyrings and medals. Enterprise Products badge making kits are high quality and easy to use. Their products are suitable for use by children and adults, and at home, work and school.

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A badge making set for home, school and professional use

Each Enterprise Products badge making set includes everything you need to get started:

  • Badge press machine
  • Perspex cutting board
  • Circle cutter
  • Components
  • A template for cutting artwork to size
  • Instructions

Types of badge making set available:

Micro badge making set

This is the perfect kit to get started making button badges. With the Micro badge maker you can make up to three badges per minute.

Classroom pack

This set allows you to choose plastic badges that are safe for children. The badges have plastic backs without pins which are great for use in the classroom.

Crafting pack

The crafting pack enables you to make more than only badges. This kit includes a Micro badge maker and the components to make keyrings, mirror keyrings, mirrors and magnets.

Just mirrors pack

This kit includes a Micro badge maker and everything you need to make your own mirrors. The mirrors are perfect for travel, make-up and as gifts.

Just keyrings pack

This set has a Micro badge maker and all the components you need to make personalised keyrings.

Rewards pack

The rewards pack includes a Micro badge maker and the components to make badges, medals and magnets. The medals are perfect awards for children at sporting events and to celebrate school achievements.

Badge making sets are also available for: weddings, fundraising, parties and corporate events.

About Enterprise Products

Enterprise Products is a family run business based in the UK. They have over 30 years’ experience and their badge press machines are sold all over the world. Enterprise Products has an excellent reputation for customer service, and they have outstanding feedback on Amazon and eBay.

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