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Enterprise Products Badge making equipment

Enterprise Products manufactures and supplies badge making equipment to resellers in the UK, Europe and beyond. The company offers three badge making machines to distributors. The machines can make high quality and large volumes of custom badges, keyrings, fridge magnets, mirrors, mirror keyring, medals, and bottle openers.

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Badge making equipment

Enterprise Products is a manufacturer of badge making machines with over 30 years of experience. Made in UK, the machines are cased in metal and are built to withstand a heavy amount of production. The machines produce items in the following sizes: 25mm, 38mm, 45mm, 58mm, and 77mm.

All three badge makers are manufactured using the highest quality of material and component. The only difference between the machines is the speed at which they can be operated.

The three types of badge making equipment

Micro badge maker

The Micro badge maker is the best selling product in the UK and Europe. The badge machine can make 3 items per minute, depending on the speed of the operator. The equipment is perfect for reselling to individuals or companies who want to start making high quality badges.

Mini badge maker

The Mini badge machine is faster than the micro badge machine. The machine can make 5 items per minute (300 in an hour), depending on the speed of the operator. The machine is ideal for reselling to companies for events or promotional campaigns.

Maxi badge maker

The Maxi is the fastest badge making equipment in the range. The machine can produce 8 items per minute, depending on the speed of the operator. The badge maker is ideal for reselling to schools or businesses, as it can potentially make 480 badges in an hour.

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About Enterprise Products

Enterprise Products is a family run business in the UK. They have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying badge making equipment across UK and Europe. The company endeavours to have happy distributors everywhere, which has led to its renowned reputation and a worldwide client base. 

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