GentleGrip About


15 Years ago we developed a completely new sock, a sock that would gently stay up without pinching, a sock made for comfort, we called them Gentle Grip.

At the core of each Gentle Grip sock is our individual HoneyComb Top that carefully moulds to the natural contours of your leg, leaving no nasty constriction rings. Soft touch cotton and the removal of elastic further enhance comfort and avoid constriction and pressure hot spots.

Gentle Grip are knitted in a special way which allows us to create dozens of stylish designs to meet any occasion.

Fifteen years on, and Gentle Grip socks have sold over 30 million pairs worldwide, gaining a loyal fan base in the process. Our customers love them, and the range continues to grow with Cushion Foot, Thermal Wool Blend, Bamboo and Diabetic socks now available.

Others have tried to imitate us, but they just can’t match our combination of quality, looks and unbeatable comfort.


Dove Mill
Off Deane Church Lane
Greater Manchester
United Kingdom