Patterned women's comfortable socks from GentleGrip.
Comfortable socks relieve pressure and provide all-day comfort

Do you have problems with tight socks? GentleGrip comfortable socks use a soft, cotton-rich yarn to fit to the natural shape of your legs.

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Diabetic socks encourage circulation and prevent friction

If you suffer from diabetes, then you know it’s important to care for your feet. GentleGrip diabetic socks are designed to encourage blood

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Are you a clothing distributor? GentleGrip is a leading oedema socks supplier that manufactures extra-wide socks to relieve the symptoms of

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Are you looking for a comfortable sock manufacturer? GentleGrip’s aim is to produce the most-comfortable socks in the world. GentleGrip

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Are you looking for a quality sock supplier? GentleGrip is a manufacturer of market-leading comfortable socks. With a unique cuff and soft

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Diabetic socks supplier seeking international distributors

Become a distributor of socks from GentleGrip: the leading diabetic socks supplier. GentleGrip socks are soft, comfortable and protective.

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Oedema socks to relieve lymphoedema, fluid retention and swollen legs

Choose GentleGrip oedema socks to relieve the symptoms of lymphoedema, fluid retention and swollen feet and ankles. Oedema socks are extra

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Enjoy comfortable feet with soft socks that relieve pressure

Avoid the discomfort of tight socks. GentleGrip soft socks are designed for maximum comfort. Soft socks feature a pressure-relieving cuff