AXOS 8 Compact Generator

AXOS 8 [2490800]

The AXOS 8 - Compact Generator are a compact solution integrating several EMC tests into one single economic solution. This allows for quick and completely automated testing to the most common IEC, EN, ANSI, IEEE and UL standards.

The AXOS 8 - Compact Generator

The AXOS 8 Compact Generator can be individually combined either with 7 kV Surge Combination Wave, 5 kV EFT/ Burst, Dips & Interrupts*, Telecom Wave, Ring Wave along with an integrated single-phase coupling / decoupling network. This allows quick and completely automated testing to the most common IEC, EN, ANSI, IEEE and UL standards.

The AXOS 8 can either be operated by front panel with a large color graphic interface or remotely from the PC. The easy to use menu together with the availability of predefined test routines for different standards makes testing easy and reliable, even for less frequent users. Numerous additional functions such as external start/stop function allows easy integration of the test system also in customer specific test environments.

All the test parameters can be varied in a broad range wide above the requirements of the standards. Together with the ability of changing test parameters during test, AXOS 8 is not only the ideal product for compliance and pre-compliance testing, it is useful for monitoring & debugging function during design phase as well.

A wide range of cost-efficient and user friendly coupling / decoupling networks for power lines as well as for symmetrical and asymmetrical data- and signal lines are available as options.

Software Options

Remote Control Software

The optionally available remote control software simply enables the user to remote control the AXOS 8 by using a remote device like a standard PC, Tablet or Smartphone. The connection can either be established by putting in a Ethernet cable "point to point" or via wireless network (a separate access point will be required).

Reporting Software

The reporting software automatically creates a test report. The main header can be adjusted with the individual company logo or any other text required. The data input can either be supplied directly by the remote control software or when saving the data on a USB drive. The data can be used from the sequence mode menu directly and the report gets generated. Detailed information will be provided with the reporting software tool itself. The reporting software is compatible with both Windows 7 and Windows 8 (32- and 64 - bit).

The Sequencer

Individual tests stored on the computer or in the AXOS 8 itself can be combined to form a complex and fully automated test sequence. This feature enables Surge, EFT/Burst, and Voltage Dips tests to be linked and run in a continuous sequence. The already preinstalled IEC and generic standards make programming easier than ever before.

AXOS 8 Technical Data

General Data

Control Power

85V - 264V



(W X H X D)

22" / 6U

45 x 27 x 50cm

User Test Storage Unlimited Weight 30kg
Remote Interface Ethernet, RJ45 USB for USB Memory Stick

7" / 800 x 480 / 24 bit with touch screen

AUX. Interface D-SUB 37 pin for external CDN, external transformer, other
External Trigger Input 5V TTL Synch Input BNC, 10V - 264V AC
Trigger Output 5V TTL External Start/Stop input 5V TTL, Starts/Stops predefined test sequence
EUT Failed Input 5V TTL Analog Output 0 - 10V, for use with external options
Warning Lamp Output 2 x 24V /1A DC Safety Circuit Stops the test when unlocked

IEC/EN 61000-4-4 Edition 3 EFT/Bursts

Output Voltage

0.2 - 5.0kV ± 10% at

coaxial output

Spike Frequency 1Hz - 1MHz
Polarity Positive / Negative / Alternate Burst Duration 10μs - 1s
Output Impedance 50Ω Burst Period 1ms - 10s
Rise Time 5ns ± 30% Test Time 1s - 1000 min
Impulse Duration

50ns ± 30% at 50Ω

50ns -15 + 100ns at 1000Ω

Trigger Automatic, Manual, External Trigger Input
Burst Mode Normal, Continuous, Real, Random Integrated Single Phase Coupling / Decoupling Network

264V AC / 16A

220V DC / 10A

IEC/EN 61000-4-5 Edition 3 Surge Combination Wave

Output Voltage 0.2 - 7.0kV ± 10% Output Current 0.1 - 3.5kA ± 10%
Voltage Rise Time 1.2μs ± 30% Current Rise Time 8μs ± 20%
Voltage Duration 50μs ± 20% Current Duration  20μs ± 20%
Polarity Positive / Negative / Alternate Integrated Single Phase Coupling / Decoupling Network

264V AC / 16A

220V DC / 10A

Output Impedance 2Ω / 12Ω Impulse Trigger

Automatic 2s - 100 min


External Trigger Input

Phase Sync 0 - 359° with 1° steps or asynchronous mode Counter Preset  1 - 1000 / infinite
Counter  100000 Peak Current Monitor

BNC Output: 1kA/V

Display: 3 Digits

Peak Voltage Monitor

BNC Output: 1000:1

Display: 3 Digits

IEC/EN 61000-4-5 Telecom Wave / ITU K.20, K.21, K.44, K.45 (External TW 8 Module required)

Output Voltage 0.2 - 7.0kV ± 10% Source Impedance / Coupling

15Ω x 1

40Ω x 4

40Ω gas arrestors x 4

Front Time OCV 10μs ± 30% Front Time SCC 5μs ± 20%
Decay Time OCV 700μs ± 20% Decay Time SCC 320μs ± 20%
Polarity Positive / Negative / Alternate Weight  10kg
Outputs 4mm Banana Socket Dimension

19" / 4U

45 x 18 x 49cm

IEC/EN 61000-4-11 Edition 2 and IEC/EN 61000-4-29 Dips and Interrupts

*Max Voltage

264V AC

220V DC

Interrupt Time

0.5 - 800 Period

100μs - 1000 min

*Max Current

10A DC

16A AC Continuous

20A for 5s

23A for 3s

40A for 3s

>500A inrush current

Interval Time

1 - 800 Periods synchronous

100μs - 1000 min asynchronous




External Trigger Input

Test Time

1s - 1000 min


Interrupt Level

Dip Level


0 - 99% with external voltage source

Phase Sync

0 - 359° 16/40/50/60Hz

Asynchronous mode

RMS Voltage Monitor

BNC output: 100:1

Display: 4 Digits

RMS Current Monitor

BNC output: 10A/V

Display: 4 Digits

*AC Power for AXOS only. Do not use DC through DIP 116 unit. 

IEC/EN 61000-4-12 Edition 3 and ANSI/IEEE C62.41 Ring Wave

Max Voltage 0.2 - 7.0kV ± 10% Repetition Rate Up to 30 pulses / min
Frequency 100kHz Polarity  Positive / Negative / Alternate
Rise Time OC 0.5μs Floating Output Max. 460V / AC
Rise Time SC 1μs Phase Sync Accuracy ±1°
Impedance 12Ω, 30Ω Damping Rate

0.4 < peak>

0.4 < peak>

0.4 < peak>

Peak Voltage Monitor

BNC output: 1000:1

Display: 3 Digits

Peak Current Monitor

BNC output: 1kA/V

Display: 3 Digits

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