EASYCONNECT wire mesh cable trays EC60 Series

EASYCONNECT - EC60 Series [EC60]

EASYCONNECT wire mesh cable tray series EC60
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EC60.200 render

EASYCONNECT wire mesh cable tray.
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EASYCONNECT easy-to-install cable tray: Its integrated assembling system reduces execution time, costs and risks, and extends lifespan of cable tray installations. It guarantees electrical continuity and eliminates the risk of galvanic corrosion on joint sections.

EASYCONNECT is easy, just click it! 


EASYCONNECT is patented by VALDINOX, one of the most experienced manufacturer of cable basket trays in Europe.

EC60 Series


The EC60 range of EASYCONNECT basket cable tray comprises the following references:



Electroplated Zinc


Hot Dip Galvanized


Stainless Steel 304*

EC60.060EZ EC60.060HDG EC60.060IN
EC60.100EZ EC60.100HDG EC60.100IN
EC60.150EZ EC60.150HDG EC60.150IN
EC60.200EZ EC60.200HDG EC60.200IN
EC60.300EZ EC60.300HDG EC60.300IN
EC60.400EZ EC60.400HDG EC60.400IN
EC60.500EZ EC60.500HDG EC60.500IN
EC60.600EZ EC60.600HDG EC60.600IN

* Also available on IN316L 


  • EASYCONNECT is certified according to IEC 61537
  • Classified E90 - DIN 4102-12
  • UL certified (also for Canada)
  • Test approved IEC 61914 - shortcut circuit - 104 Ka

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