Great Uses for an Outdoor LCD TV Enclosure

Outdoor LCD TV enclosures in use as digital advertising.

LCD TV enclosures are ideal for outdoor digital advertising.

Have you ever thought about using a TV outside? There are many benefits to using televisions outdoors: advertising, information, signage and more. The problem is that TVs need to be protected from water, dust and damage. Moreover, waterproof TVs are expensive.

Thankfully, an outdoor TV enclosure is far more cost-effective than a waterproof TV, but still provides complete protection for your television.

Outdoor LCD TV enclosures are highly versatile, and a variety of businesses and organisations benefit from them. Here are some of the most common ways that outdoor TV enclosures are used:

Outdoor digital advertising

Outdoor digital advertising is an effective way to promote products and brands. A big advantage with outdoor advertising is that lots of people see it, which means you convert more people into customers.

You can change the content of your digital advertising quickly and easily, and you don’t have to pay expensive printing costs. You can schedule your outdoor digital advertising to change at different times to target certain audiences. Some digital advertising systems even allow you to change your content remotely for maximum convenience.

Outdoor LCD TV enclosures make it possible to use a TV for outdoor digital advertising and are an effective alternative to printed posters and billboards. Outdoor TV cabinets are available to accommodate TVs up to 75 inches.

Outdoor LCD TV enclosures outside a cinema

Outdoor LCD TV enclosures are an eye-catching replacement for static signage.

Company communication

Outdoor LCD TV enclosures are helpful for companies that have large premises. For example, at distribution hubs, the office may need to communicate with drivers on the other side of the site. An outdoor TV enclosure allows screens to be placed around the site so that staff can see information quickly.

Transport timetables

Digital screens are ideal for transport hubs, where they provide up to date information to passengers. Outdoor LCD TV enclosures allow TVs to be used in these settings safely, and passengers benefit from having current information about arrival and departure times.

Information screens

Many organisations use outdoor LCD TV enclosures to provide information. For instance, schools and universities use outdoor TVs to display important news throughout the day. An outdoor LCD enclosure allows you to place a TV at an entrance gate, so that everyone sees information as they arrive.

Outdoor LCD TV enclosure from Armagard

Outdoor TV enclosures allow universities, schools and colleges to display up to date information to students.

Outdoor digital signage

Whatever your situation, an outdoor LCD TV enclosure facilitates effective and engaging outdoor digital signage. TVs from most manufacturers fit in outdoor LCD enclosures, and you can purchase enclosures to fit a wide range of TV sizes.

Armagard has years of experience manufacturing and installing TV enclosures. All Armagard enclosures are thoroughly tested and protect against water, dust, extreme temperatures and physical damage.

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