Advertise anywhere with the freestanding digital poster

Advertise anywhere and in any weather. The freestanding digital poster attracts customers with a 43-inch, high-definition screen. The

Advertise in any location with battery-powered digital signage

Do you want to attract customers and increase sales? The battery-powered digital signage unit allows you to advertise in any pedestrian

Airtight Slimline Computer Enclosure For Clean Room Environment

Designed for use in sterile, pharmaceutical, clean-room and laboratory areas, Armagard’s airtight slimline computer enclosure is

Anti-Glare Totem Digital Signage ideal for outdoor advertising

Showcasing Armagard’s 55" Anti-Glare Totem Digital Signage Unit which is capable of achieving screen brightness between 2,000 & 5,000

Armagard’s Landscape High Brightness LCD Screen

Featuring anti-reflective technology, Our landscape high brightness LCD screen unit provides clear screen visibility in areas where exposure

Attract customers with outdoor battery-powered digital signs

Outdoor battery-powered digital signs allow you to advertise in any location. The battery lasts for a maximum of 14 hours, and the

Attract customers with the portable digital sandwich board

Do you want to attract more customers? Use a digital sandwich board outside your business to boost brand awareness. A 1,000 NITS screen

Battery-operated digital signage for outdoor locations

Battery-operated digital signage is ideal for pavement advertising outside stores, coffee-shops, restaurants and more. The display is easy

Bespoke digital signage manufacturer

Choose the leading digital signage manufacturer. Armagard has over 25 years’ experience producing digital signage hardware for any

Clean room printer enclosure for washdown and sterile locations

Improve operator workflow by installing printers in wet or sterile environments. The IP66 clean room printer enclosure protects a printer

Cold Storage Printer Solution | A Heated Printer Enclosure

The Armagard hated printer enclosure is the ideal cold storage printer solution. The enclosure comes standing and designed to protect

Compact Touchscreen Enclosure for the Industrial Workplace

The Armagard compact touchscreen enclosure is the ideal solution for using a touchscreen computer in the industrial workplace. The

Compact Waterproof Enclosure | Computer and TFT Screen Protection | Armagard

IP56 Waterproof Computer Enclosure for TFT LCD screens and thin-client PCs The SENC-300 compact waterproof enclosure is designed to house

compact waterproof touch screen for workplaces

Waterproof to IP56 and manufactured from food grade stainless steel, the SENC-350 Compact Waterproof Touch Screen is designed to protect

Computer Cabinet IP54 Computer Protection for dirty or dusty environments

Computer cabinet The PENC-800 computer cabinet is an all-in-one compact computer enclosure designed for protecting a wide range of desktop

Computer Cabinets A IP54 Computer Enclosure for Harsh Environments

Computer cabinets Our high security computer cabinets are designed to protect computers and servers in hostile environments from theft,

Computer Enclosure IP54 Protection for Industrial Environments

Computer Enclosure For Computer Protection Our PENC-900 series computer enclosure is all-in-one and built to IP54 Nema Rating standard.

Digital Drive Thru menu board | Triple Screen Solution | Armagard Ltd

The digital Drive Thru menu board improves sales with a triple screen. The digital Drive Thru menu board creates a potential 8% increase in

Digital Drive Thru Menu Board Enclosure, Triple Screen Protection

Get the Most Out of Your Digital Drive Thru Menu Board Enclosure… The Digital Drive Thru Menu Board Enclosure is new to the Armagard

Digital drive thru menu boards

Armagard manufactures digital drive thru menu boards. The digital menu boards provide an alternative to traditional menu boards. You can

Digital Outdoor Menu Boards | Reliable and Robust

Armagard is a leading manufacturer of digital outdoor menu boards. The menu boards are an ideal way of advertising your restaurant menu

Digital poster simplifies advertisements

The digital poster by Armagard is a cost-effective solution for simplified advertising. The digital poster is ideal for all advertising

Digital signage advertising system for indoor and outdoor advertising

Retail digital signage advertising with our indoor digital display Armagard provides a digital signage advertising system for indoor

Digital signage enclosure provides complete protection

The 55 inch digital signage enclosure from Armagard provides a secure and attractive advertising platform. The enclosure protects the