Computer enclosure PENC-900
Computer Enclosure IP54 Protection for Industrial Environments

Computer Enclosure For Computer Protection Our PENC-900 series computer enclosure is all-in-one and built to IP54 Nema Rating standard.

Computer Cabinets - PC-CP01
Computer Cabinets A IP54 Computer Enclosure for Harsh Environments

Computer cabinets Our high security computer cabinets are designed to protect computers and servers in hostile environments from theft,

Waterproof Touchscreen enclosure main image
Waterproof Touchscreen Enclosure IP65 & Integrated Touchscreen Monitor

Sealed to IP65 and manufactured from food grade stainless steel, the SENC 750 Waterproof Touchscreen enclosure is designed to protect

Anti-glare totem digital signage main image
Anti-Glare Totem Digital Signage ideal for outdoor advertising

Showcasing Armagard’s 55" Anti-Glare Totem Digital Signage Unit which is capable of achieving screen brightness between 2,000 & 5,000

Industrial PC Cabinet with Keyboard Tray
Industrial PC Cabinet for dusty working environments

Armagard’s Industrial PC Cabinet is ideal for the use in an industrial working environment as it protects Thinclient PC’s and up to

Dust Proof Computer Enclosure front view with screensaver
Dust Proof Computer Enclosure ideal for dusty working environments

The Dust Proof Computer Enclosure is perfect for the use in industrial working environments, where a high volume of dust and dirt poses a

High Bright Portrait Enclosure main image
High Bright Portrait Enclosure safeguarding screens against sunlight

Armagard’s High bright portrait enclosure unit comes complete with a high-bright LCD screen (47" or 55" options available). Purchasers

Slimline Intrinsically Safe Enclosure product main image
Slimline Intrinsically Safe Enclosure for Zone 2 Explosive Areas

Armagard's slimline intrinsically safe enclosure is an alternative to air-purged systems and allows the use of conventional computers and

Airtight Slimline Computer Enclosure Product image
Airtight Slimline Computer Enclosure For Clean Room Environment

Designed for use in sterile, pharmaceutical, clean-room and laboratory areas, Armagard’s airtight slimline computer enclosure is

digital drive thru menu board enclosure in situ
Digital Drive Thru Menu Board Enclosure, Triple Screen Protection

Get the Most Out of Your Digital Drive Thru Menu Board Enclosure… The Digital Drive Thru Menu Board Enclosure is new to the Armagard

drive thru digital signage enclosure from armagard
Drive Thru Digital Signage Enclosure Protecting Digital Menu Networks

The Toughest Drive Thru Digital Signage Enclosure Around Protect Entire Drive Thru Digital Menu Networks with the Ultimate Enclosure for

Waterproof LCD Enclosure
Waterproof LCD enclosure - Outdoor weatherproof TV protection

Waterproof LCD enclosure - Protection of LCD screens in wet, outdoor environments. An aesthetic and presentable unit, the Armagard

washable keyboard options intergrated or stand-alone
Washable Keyboard and integrated mouse. For medical or scientific use.

Available in either an integrated or stand-alone design, Armagard keyboards are IP rated, fully washable, and unlike regular keyboards, have

Waterproof printer enclosure from Armagard
Waterproof printer enclosure for protection in harsh environments

The waterproof printer enclosure from Armagard allows you to use a printer in a wet or hygienic environment. The enclosure accommodates most

IP65 printer protection
IP65 Printer Protection | Waterproof Printer Cabinet

IP65 Printer Protection Armagard's 400 series printer enclosure provides IP65 printer protection and is the perfect method for improving

mild steel printer enclosure
Mild Steel Printer Enclosure - Dustproof printer protection

IP54 Mild Steel Printer Enclosure for Industrial and Shop Floor Environments Armagard's 400 series Mild Steel printer enclosure protects a

Heated printer enclosure
Heated printer enclosure protects your printer in cold environments

The heated printer enclosure allows you to use a printer in temperatures down to -30°C. The printer enclosure has an IP65 rating and is

Outdoor High Bright Display totem main image
Outdoor High Bright Display Totem Helping Against Sunlight Exposure On Screens

A feat in engineering innovation, Armagard’s 72" outdoor high bright display totem offers all the features and benefits of the 47" unit,

Industrial Touch Screen Enclosure main image
industrial touch screen enclosure for protection

The Armagard industrial touch screen enclosure is the ideal solution for using a computer in harsh workplace conditions. The enclosure is

High Brightness LCD Screen
Armagard’s Landscape High Brightness LCD Screen

Featuring anti-reflective technology, Our landscape high brightness LCD screen unit provides clear screen visibility in areas where exposure

LCD digital signage from Armagard
LCD digital signage for effective outdoor advertising

LCD digital signage by Armagard is the best outdoor advertising solution. Digital signage replaces printed posters and always looks modern.

Industrial computer workstation from Armagard
Industrial computer workstation to protect your PC and accessories

The Armagard industrial computer workstation allows you to use a PC with a 24 inch monitor in wet and dirty conditions. The enclosure is

digital drive thru menu board at KFC
Digital Drive Thru menu board | Triple Screen Solution | Armagard Ltd

The digital Drive Thru menu board improves sales with a triple screen. The digital Drive Thru menu board creates a potential 8% increase in

drive thru digital signage
Drive Thru Digital Signage | Improve Return on Investment

Drive thru digital signage is the future of advertising your menus. They enable you to limitlessly change your menu board, swiftly change