Clean room printer enclosure for washdown and sterile locations

Clean room printer enclosure [SPRI-100C]

Armgard’s stainless-steel, clean room printer enclosure.
Front view of the clean room printer enclosure with front access flap.
Open view of the clean room printer enclosure.
Side view of the food-grade, clean room printer enclosure
Rear view of the Armagard clean room printer enclosure.

Improve operator workflow by installing printers in wet or sterile environments. The IP66 clean room printer enclosure protects a printer from water ingress and daily cleaning. The 316 stainless-steel cabinet is antibacterial and corrosion resistant, so it’s ideal for industries with strict hygiene regulations.

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Hygienic printing with the stainless-steel, clean room printer enclosure

The clean room printer enclosure allows you to install a printer in any wet, sterile or corrosive environment. Operators save time by printing directly on the shop floor, rather than walking to an office. A front access flap ensures a fast workflow by giving easy access to printouts while keeping the printer protected.

You can use the small label or barcode printer of your choice inside the enclosure. Versatile mounting allows you to install it in the most-productive location. Use the included kit to mount the side or rear of the enclosure to a wall. Or use base mounting to secure it to a worktop or stand.

Your printers work reliably 24/7 in harsh locations. Recirculation fans maintain airflow, and an optional heater allows use in cold locations. An expected 10-year lifespan means you can use the same enclosure to protect multiple printers over several years, so it’s highly cost-effective.

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Technical specifications:

  • Size: 370 x 380 x 448 (height x width x depth in millimetres):
  • IP Rating: IP66
  • Material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Mounting: Wall, Stand or Worktop
  • Product Code: SPRI-100C

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Features and benefits of the clean room printer enclosure

Features Benefits
IP66 rating

The IP66 rating protects against jet washing and particulate ingress. You can safely install the small printer of your choice in washdown locations.

Food-grade (316) stainless steel

The washdown printer enclosure is ideal for industries governed by strict hygiene regulations. The stainless-steel body is easy to clean, antibacterial and corrosion resistant.

Front access flap

The front flap provides access to printed materials, without opening the main enclosure door. Workers can get printouts quickly, and the printer stays protected from external hazards. 

Recirculation fan and optional heater

Get maximum printer lifespan in wet, industrial locations. An internal fan prevents heat build-up. An optional heater protects print heads in chilled environments.

Wall, stand or worktop mounting

Install the clean room printer enclosure in the ideal location for your workers. Mount the side or rear of the enclosure to a wall or secure the base to a worktop or stand.

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