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Industrial computer cabinets from Armagard

The Industrial computer cabinet protects a PC and printer from liquid, dust and damage.

Do you use an ordinary PC and printer in an industrial environment?

If so, then you know that equipment built for an office doesn’t work well in dusty, dirty or damp conditions, or in extreme temperatures. In these conditions a PC and printer will frequently break.

Faulty computer equipment requires you to pay expensive repair bills and causes delays to your production. Worse than this, delayed production means lost business and damaged reputation.

You will be glad to hear that there is a solution - an industrial computer cabinet.

Industrial computer cabinets - open

The Armagard Industrial computer cabinet easily houses your existing PC and printer.

An industrial computer cabinet saves you money

An industrial computer cabinet combines a standard computer cabinet with a steel printer enclosure, which makes it more cost-effective than purchasing two separate cabinets.

Also, an industrial computer enclosure is more cost-effective than a dedicated industrial PC. The problem with an industrial PC is that it is difficult to update and repair, and it usually requires an engineer to carry out maintenance.

However, an industrial computer enclosure accommodates a normal PC, so you can easily update, repair and replace your computer equipment whenever you want.

A computer cabinet also offers the following money saving benefits:

  • You can use a PC and printer you already own, so there’s no need to buy an additional or specialist PC.
  • The computer cabinet can protect several generations of PC over many years, which makes it an excellent investment.
  • The enclosed PC and printer will have a long life with reduced repair costs and minimised production downtime.
Industrial computer cabinets with keyboard tray

The Industrial computer cabinet features a sliding keyboard tray.

Industrial computer cabinets provide complete protection

The computer cabinet is made from powder coated mild steel and is IP54 rated. The cabinet protects a computer and printer from liquid splashes, dust, dirt and physical damage.

The cabinet has internal fans, which maintain a stable temperature and ensure that the computer has a long life. Additionally, heating and air conditioning can be fitted at your request, which allows you to use your PC and printer from -5°C to 40°C.

All Armagard computer cabinets are rigorously tested to ensure the highest build quality.

An industrial computer cabinet is delivered fully assembled and is easy to install, so you can begin using it straight away. Armagard cabinets come with a five-year warranty.

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