Outdoor TV enclosure | 5 reasons to protect your outdoor TV

Armagard outdoor TV enclosure

An outdoor TV enclosure protects your screen from damage.

Can an indoor TV be used outside?

An indoor TV can be used outside. However, there are serious risks for the TV if unprotected. Here are 5 reasons why your outdoor TV requires protection.

1. The weather

Rain, sleet, snow, ice, hail, and strong winds are the main reason why you should invest in outdoor TV protection.

It’s not only damage to your outdoor TV that can occur because of the weather. Safety hazards can also occur.

For example, water damage from rain, sleet, snow, or ice could cause an electrical malfunction. This could result in a fire.

You can avoid such a hazard with a weather-resistant, outdoor TV enclosure.

The Armagard LCD enclosure range provides constant weather protection, any time of the year. The enclosures protect against rain, sunlight, and freezing temperatures.

2. Theft

Theft is a major issue for outdoor TV owners.

Installing a TV outdoors makes it a target for thieves if left unprotected.

You can prevent your outdoor TV from being stolen by protecting your Plasma or LCD screen with an enclosure.

The Armagard LCD enclosure can accommodate outdoor TV screens between 24 inches and 72 inches. It features several security devices to prevent thieves from stealing the outdoor TV.

3. Vandalism

Vandalism is a huge threat to your outdoor TV.

Therefore, you need to invest in an outdoor TV enclosure to protect the screen. This is much more affordable than having to pay for repair or replacement costs.

An outdoor TV cabinet protects your display, your business, and your finances.

4. Money and hassle

The previous three points can all result in the following:

  • Engineering costs
  • Repair costs
  • Police statements
  • Insurance issues
  • Waiting for insurance money
  • Investing in new equipment

Purchasing an enclosure ensures you never have to deal with these issues.

5. Improve the lifespan of your outdoor TV

Preventing these issues maintains the functionality of your outdoor TV over a long period of time. This makes enclosures an extremely cost-effective solution.

They protect your TV from the damage caused by weather, theft, and vandalism.

Therefore, enclosures are the more affordable option.

Outdoor TV enclosure

An Armagard outdoor TV enclosure is the ideal solution for keeping your screen safe and secure.

How to protect your outdoor TV screen

Armagard is a leading manufacturer of outdoor TV screen enclosures.

You can choose from new and classic designs. All are proven to provide safe and effective results for outdoor TVs.

Some of the most popular outdoor TV enclosures are in the PDS range.

Choose your ideal outdoor TV enclosure today

Armagard outdoor TV enclosures are delivered fully assembled, are easy to install, and ready for immediate use.

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