Touchscreen digital signage | Which touchscreen signage solution is best for outdoors?

Armagard touchscreen digital signage

Armagard touchscreen digital signage in use.

Imagine a touchscreen sign that continues to function despite a scratched screen, can withstand the elements of the great outdoors, and maintains its robustness despite constant usage.

Whether your business needs touchscreen signage for an outdoor event or an indoor environment, Armagard recommends Touchscreen Digital Signage complete with projected capacitive touch foil technology.

Why Touchscreen Digital Signage?

The benefits of touchscreen digital signage include:

  • Touchscreen interactivity
  • Data collection
  • Audience measurement
  • Point of sale integration

Digital signage has taken giant strides in terms of innovation and technology, allowing for a more interactive means of signage. The benefit for business is that such innovations have enhanced interaction with employees and the consumer audience alike.

So What’s New In Touchscreen Digital Signage?

Advances in digital signage technology have allowed for:

  • Web-based open source software
  • Interaction with mobile devices
  • The utilisation of social networking sites to interact and share information from the screen
  • Audience recognition

Employee-facing digital signage – touchscreen LCD panels that allow employees to view information in real-time. At present they are most commonly used in banks enabling employees to monitor customer queues, waiting times and bank clerk performance

Armagard touchscreen digital signage

Armagard touchscreen digital signage up close.

What’s Available In Touchscreen Signage?

The consumer is familiar with touchscreen technology, after all it’s utilised on a number of mobile devices including iPhones and iPads. However, what the average consumer is unfamiliar with is the technologies used that enable the touchscreen function to operate.

The five most common technologies used for digital signage touchscreen facilities are:

  • Projected Capacitive
  • Infrared & Optical
  • Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)
  • Surface Capacitive
  • Resistive

The Benefits Of Using Projected Capacitive Foils

Armagard applies capacitive touch foil across its whole PDS range and in doing so the capabilities of interactive digital signs have been greatly enhanced.

Five key attributes of projected capacitive solutions include:

  1. Its capability to function through glass.
  2. Its ability to function if an individual is wearing gloves.
  3. The fact that it provides a truly flat front surface.
  4. Its ability to operate despite scratches to glass.
  5. Its ability to provide greater clarity, multi-touch options and enhanced robustness.

How Do Projected Capacitive Touchscreens Compare?

Arguably the two greatest attributes of projected capacitive touchscreens are their durability and versatility. When compared with the alternatives, the flexibility offered by projected capacitive touchscreens is insurmountable.

Given the attributes of projected capacitive touchscreens, the problems identified with other signage solutions have been eradicated.

Armagard has been able to implement capacitive touch foil technology across its whole PDS range and as such we are able to offer customers robust, versatile, touchscreen digital signage solutions.

Armagard touch screen digital signage

Armagard touchscreen digital signage in use.

A Fun Fact…

Did you know? A capacitive touchscreen panel consists of an insulator, usually glass, which is coated with a transparent conductor. Due to the human body also being a conductor, touching the surface of the screen means that the screen responds to human interaction.

How Will Armagard’s Touchscreen Digital Signage Units Benefit Your Business?

Our innovative technologies have led to 87% of our consumers re-ordering from us. Here’s why:

  • Our signs are long-lasting, therefore reducing cost outlay in terms of maintenance
  • Our signs can be positioned anywhere. They’re multi-functional interactive and versatile
  • They are not susceptible to the same problems as other digital signage touchscreen solutions

Furthermore, the capacitive touch foil technology can be applied to all our Touchscreen Enclosures meaning that any screen that a client installs within a signage enclosure will have touchscreen capabilities. Customers are not restricted by having to have a custom made screen, making capacitive touch foil technology a cost effective digital signage touchscreen solution.

New To The Market

Touchscreen Digital Signage is fairly new to the market and in choosing this signage option your business will be joining a growing and innovative trend in interactive media that will engage your employees and your customers alike.

Armagard has touchscreen solutions available for all requirements including:

Ultimately, the benefits of projected capacitive touchscreens outweigh the combined benefits of all other solutions. Projected capacitive touchscreens provide an updated mode of digital signage offering interaction, data gathering capabilities and a durability and versatility that is unsurpassed by the alternatives.

From a business perspective, investment in projected capacitive touchscreen solutions represents:

  • A hassle free option in terms of your digital signage needs, requiring low maintenance and offering enhanced technological capabilities
  • A cost effective solution as the cost of implementation is reduced and, in the rare instance that repairs are required, costs are kept to a minimum
  • Reliability, usability and increased lifespan. Armagard’s digital signage technology serves as a key factor behind our customer retention
  • Signage technology that’s progressive, taking the digital signage touchscreen age to a new level

Signage solution capabilities of the current era allow businesses to monitor the effectiveness of their signage efforts, a solution enhanced by the introduction of touchscreen technology.

Data capture is paramount for many businesses as it opens up new platforms and offers an insight into the habits of employees and consumers alike when interaction with digital signage touchscreens takes place.

Armagard touchscreen digital signage

An Armagard waterproof touchscreen enclosure.

Who’s On Board?

Touchscreen digital signage solutions, especially projected capacitive touchscreens, have been embraced by a number of industry sectors meaning that there is huge potential for your business to join a growing trend and steal an edge on competitors.

Key growth areas include:

  • The Medical Sector
  • Corporate and Educational Institutions
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Retail Sector
  • Government Bodies
  • Transport Hubs

For multi-purpose signage use, particularly as touchscreen digital signage becomes more prominent in the outdoor arena, the combination of capacitive touch foil technology and Armagard digital screens represents the best solution on the market for businesses.

Signage that is safeguarded, reliable and versatile gives businesses a myriad of options for deploying digital signage outdoors.

Consider This

Is your business about to host a major outdoor event? Then projected capacitive touchscreen digital signage solution is the most viable option for alerting consumers to your brand and is a modern and contemporary way of promoting your business to the world.

In Summary

Projected capacitive touchscreen digital signage represents the future of outdoor signage. Offering superior benefits compared to the alternatives, the versatility and robust nature of such signs make them the perfect solution for any outdoor or indoor location.