The Advantages of International Search Engine Optimisation

International search engine optimisation helps you reach overseas customers.

International search engine optimisation (iSEO) will help your business target over 4 billion internet users, who can find you in international search engine listings when searching in their own language. As an added incentive, accessing the advantages of international search optimisation is low-risk and cost-effective.

Use Export Worldwide to tap into the advantages of international search engine optimisation for your business, which include:

1. Opportunities to Sell Existing Products into New Markets

Sell into new markets with international search engine optimisation.

If you’re marketing your products and services online, domestically - and rank well (or even if you don’t) in search results - iSEO is an opportunity to rank in search engines globally, increasing the chances of selling your existing products and services into new markets.

2. Less Keyword Competition

Getting found in international search engines using language specific keywords is less competitive than ranking organically in search engine listings for English search phrases.

Few businesses optimise for international search engines, for now at least, making iSEO a prime opportunity to start selling your existing products into new, international markets. Act now and get ahead of your competitors.  

Less competition means that relevant international keywords have the potential to be more profitable for your business than English keywords.

Equally, less competition increases your chances of appearing organically on page one of search engine results.

This is where you want to be because research shows that page one search engine results receive nearly 95% of all web traffic[1].

Better still, less competition increases the likelihood of your business featuring in the top five listings on page one of search engine results, which get 67% of all clicks.

3. More Content

iSEO is a catalyst for content creation. The more content your business has, the better.

In fact, a Hubspot ‘State of Inbound Marketing’[2] study, shows that businesses with 300 or more pages indexed by Google will generate more than three times the monthly leads than those with less than 300.

Hypothetically, let’s say you have 15 products. If you translated your product or service descriptions into 20 languages, you create 300 pieces of content that Google will index. These 300 indexed pages have the potential to generate up to three times more monthly leads for your business.

4. More Unique Content

An added advantage of translated content is that it’s considered unique by search engines. For example, one piece of content in English that is translated into 20 languages gives you 20 unique content items.

The more unique, international search engine optimised content you have, the better. Search engines favour fresh content. The more fresh content you provide, the more frequently search engines will index your site. More importantly, fresh content enhances customer engagement.

5. Building International Relationships and Trust

International search engine optimisation enables you to reach overseas customers.

Content builds relationship, helping new customers to get to know your business, your products and your services. International search engine optimisation is the foundation on which multilingual content is built, making iSEO vital for developing international relationships.

Establishing a relationship with international prospects builds trust. iSEO will help your brand connect with the 3.6 billion internet users that search in their own language. Once a prospect connects with your brand, they’re more likely to trust your business and buy from you because your content is in their language.

In fact, according to the Common Sense Advisory[3], 75% of online shoppers prefer to buy products in their own language, while 60% would rarely or never buy from English only websites.

6. More Keywords

Relevant keywords and search phrases are the currency of iSEO. From a group of English keywords and search terms, you can generate a huge number of keywords and search phrases for multiple languages.

The more international search engine optimised content you create, the more keywords you can include across multiple languages. Equally, you stand to gain more keywords as international search engine optimisation will expand your keyword research parameters.

One piece of content in English that is translated into 20 languages will give you a minimum of 20 multilingual keywords. Variations of each keyword will further expand your list of key search phrases. This will enable you to promote your products and services in multiple markets using a huge variety of search terms.

7. Increased Search Engine Authority

Fresh content that is optimised for international search engines will boost your authority online. Search engines place high value on informative, well optimised content and the more you create across multiple languages, the greater authority you can achieve across multiple international search engines.

8. More Backlinks

Creating high value, informative content in multiple languages will potentially encourage influencers in your industry to link to it. Not only will this increase your international search engine authority, it will open your business up to potential customers, driving additional traffic to your website.

9. More Search Engine Listings

International search engine optimisation will help your business to rank in multiple search engine listings, and not just international variations of Google.

For example, optimising content for Russia, the Ukraine and Turkey, will increase the likelihood of your brand appearing in the search results on Yandex, while in China you increase your chances of getting found in search results on Baidu.

10. A Wider Global Audience

International search engine optimisation helps you reach a global audience.

3.6 billion (90%) people worldwide search in their own language[4]. International search engine optimisation increases the chances of this global demographic finding your products and services online.

11. A Wider Localised Audience

International search engine optimisation helps you reach customers in their own language.

The 3.6 billion people searching in their own language will be from different countries. For example, not every French speaker using a search engine is in France. It’s possible that they are in Belgium, Cameroon, Canada, the Ivory Coast or another country where French is spoken[5].

Most countries have a multilingual population. iSEO can target multiple languages spoken in specific nations to help truly localise your business.

English is no longer the universal language of the internet. Even in the UK, more than 4 million people (7.7%) don’t speak English as a first language. According to the most recent census in 2011[6], Polish, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi and Chinese account for approximately one million people in the UK whose first language isn’t English.

12. More Traffic

Boost web traffic with international search engine optimisation.

A combination of ranking for keywords in multiple international search engine listings, more content online, increased search engine authority, appearing in more search engine listings, plus wider global and local audiences, will increase your chances of driving more traffic to your website.

13. International Brand Awareness

iSEO will boost your international brand awareness, building credibility with prospects in multiple markets, while increasing the authority of your brand online. With less competition for keywords in international search engine listings, there’s an opportunity for you to become a leading brand in multiple markets.

14. Greater Lead Conversion

International search engine optimisation helps you generate more leads.

More traffic and enhanced international brand awareness, driven by iSEO, will result in a greater lead conversion rate for your business. Compared to alternative international lead generation methods, such as tradeshows, iSEO is a quicker way to promote your products and services to international prospects, at a lower cost per lead.

15. More Sales

iSEO puts you on the path to more sales from international markets. A combination of international brand awareness, more traffic and greater lead generation increases your chances of closing more sales at a reduced lead to close ratio.

16. Continued Growth

iSEO is a long-term strategy that fuels international growth year-on-year. With each year that passes, your international search engine optimised content will achieve greater online authority, continuing to raise brand awareness and driving traffic. As you continue to create high-value, influential content, the greater your investment will pay off.

17. Greater Business Stability

Business stability is one of the advantages of international search engine optimisation.

International search engine optimisation opens your business to multiple markets. The more markets you’re in, the greater your business stability. If one market experiences a slump, selling into additional markets offsets the impact.

18. Continuous Customer Insights

International search engine optimisation gives you a greater and continuous insight into how multinational customers perceive your brand, how they search for your products and services online and their behaviour when they land on your website.

This information allows you to be proactive, responding to buying trends and identifying areas of improvement that will help you to continuously grow your brand on an international scale.

International Search Engine Optimisation is the Right Fit for Your Business

International search engine optimisation is the right fit for your business because it’s instrumental in getting your products, services and brand found online in international search engine listings, helping you to achieve the following:

  • Greater online brand awareness across several countries
  • More traffic to your products and services
  • More leads for your sales team
  • New revenue streams in multiple markets
  • Greater business stability

We’ve yet to come across a business operating online that doesn’t want to achieve these objectives.

Export Worldwide can help you tap into the advantages of international search engine optimisation. With more than 20 years of iSEO experience, our next generation platform promotes your products, services and brand in over 20 languages to new, international markets.

To find out more, call 0121 608 7255 or book a live demo, now.


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