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Do you want to sell into international markets? Website translation services make it quick and easy to reach international customers.

Translated content enables you to appear in foreign search engine results and engage overseas customers. You gain global brand awareness and an international customer base.

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Website translation services for international success

Over half of the world’s population uses the Internet. Consequently, you can use the Internet to market your brand to a huge customer base.  All you need is a translated website, which appears in foreign search engine results.

Export Worldwide’s website translation services provide accurate, fast and cost-effective translations of your content. You benefit from global brand awareness and an international customer base, without leaving your office.

Two website translation services are available:

  • Human translation: native speakers of your target languages translate your content.
  • Hybrid translation: Translations are created by the Export Worldwide translation engine. Translations are then checked by a human proofreader.

Human translation

Human translation is ideal for long content, such as websites and blogs.

Export Worldwide works with experienced translators who are native speakers of your target languages. Translators have a range of industry experience, so the best translator can be matched to your brand.

Human translators ensure that your brand is represented consistently in all languages.

Human translation achieves the highest quality translations of your content.

Hybrid translation

Export Worldwide offers hybrid translation, which is ideal for product pages of 300-500 words in length. Your product pages are hosted on the Export Worldwide platform so that your pages rank highly in foreign search engines.

The process is simple and cost-effective:

  1. A translation engine completes an initial translation of your content.
  2. A human proofreader then checks the content for accuracy by translating it back into the first language.
  3. If the translation is not accurate, the human proofreader rewrites the problematic parts until a satisfactory translation is achieved.
  4. Your pages are hosted on the Export Worldwide platform. You receive high search engine rankings, valuable market data and a boost in web traffic to your own site.

Hybrid translation provides accurate translations in the fastest, most cost-effective way possible. The Export Worldwide platform ensures that your pages are found by international searchers.

You gain global brand awareness and international sales.

Whether you choose hybrid or human translation, Export Worldwide helps you break into new markets, achieve international brand awareness and gain new customers from across the world.

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