Virtual trade show for exhibitors at ISE Barcelona

ExportWorldwide [Virtual trade show]

Armagard pump topper unit at ISE and on the ExportWorldwide virtual trade show.
Armagard digital signage totem on the virtual trade show and at ISE.

A virtual trade show complements your presence at ISE Barcelona by promoting your products in 20 languages. You benefit from extra sales enquiries and increased brand awareness from new prospects around the world.

The online B2B exhibition is easy to use and cost-effective. It generates new leads every month at much less cost than a physical exhibition.

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Combine ISE Barcelona with a virtual trade show

ExportWorldwide is ideal for companies that attend Integrated Systems Europe. The virtual trade show delivers the benefits of a physical exhibition, without the large time or cost commitment.

The platform has proven success increasing sales leads for B2B companies. Armagard has been attending Integrated Systems Europe for nine years. In 2015, Armagard also began exhibiting on ExportWorldwide. Armagard’s online exhibition pages receive an average of 60 sales enquiries a month. That’s hundreds of extra sales enquiries each year for the company.

It would take several years of attending Integrated Systems Europe (or other exhibitions) to achieve these results, but ExportWorldwide delivers these sales leads to you every month.

90% of people search online in their first language. If you don’t have web pages in those languages, customers won’t find you. ExportWorldwide ensures your business is visible to international customers all year and at any time.

How does the virtual B2B exhibition work?

The ExportWorldwide team provide a complete service, so your brand is found in international search results quickly:

  1. Research: Search term (keyword) research identifies the most popular search phrases for your products.
  2. Write: Experienced writers create your product pages around these search terms.
  3. Translate: Your pages are translated using a combination of human and machine methods. This is called hybrid machine translation.
  4. Monitor: You get access to comprehensive marketing reports. The virtual trade show makes it easy to identify your best languages, countries, products and keywords. You can find your ideal markets.

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Why use a virtual trade show to complement ISE Barcelona?

You receive year-round sales enquiries

Armagard exhibits on ExportWorldwide and at Integrated Systems Europe. The company generates an average of 60 sales enquiries per month via its online exhibition pages. That’s hundreds of leads each year that Armagard wouldn’t get if it was only at ISE.

It’s cost-effective

ExportWorldwide costs £90 per month. You benefit from a constant online presence in 20 languages. Compare this to the thousands of pounds you spend attending Integrated Systems Europe for just a few days.

You get access to in-depth market data

You can easily identify the ideal markets for your business. ExportWorldwide provides detailed reports on your best languages, countries, rankings and products.

You get guaranteed first-page rankings

You can be confident that your pages will appear highly in international search results. ExportWorldwide has already achieved over 5,000 page-one rankings for its users.

It’s easy to use

The ExportWorldwide team provides a complete service that ensures your business gets found online. You receive full training, so you can edit and add to your content at any time.

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