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Export Worldwide’s international online marketing platform helps SMEs enter and succeed in foreign markets. The online platform generates enquiries, boosts your web traffic and provides valuable market analysis. You benefit from increased revenue and greater brand awareness, all over the world.

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International online marketing: cost effective and low risk

International online marketing is more cost-effective than other methods of international market entry.

In the past, to market your products in other counties it was necessary to attend trade shows, set up offices in foreign countries or hire overseas staff. This was expensive, time consuming and high risk.

However, international online marketing involves advertising your products and services on the Internet. You don’t need sales staff in other countries, and you don’t have to share your profits with distributors or agents.

Because online marketing is low cost, it is also low risk. Additionally, international online marketing supports your UK operations, which makes your business more stable.

Your product pages are written and translated into the 20 languages that comprise 84% of world trade. This gives you 400 pages which advertise your products and services. Your pages rank highly on foreign search engines, so consumers can easily find them.

You benefit from:

  • more leads from foreign customers.
  • an increase in visitors to your own website.
  • greater international awareness of your brand.
  • valuable market data, analysis, and research.

The Export Worldwide platform delivers the advantages of international trade, without the cost and risk of other methods.

International online marketing: user-friendly market data

The online platform provides you with access to a wide range of market data.

You can see:

  • the countries from which your visitors and enquiries originate.
  • which products are popular in certain countries.
  • where your product pages rank on search engines.
  • which pages need improving with localisation.

This information allows you to target your future marketing. For example, when you see which county provides most of your leads, then you know that it is worth investing in marketing in that language. Similarly, when you can see which product sells well in a specific country, then you can target that country with similar products.

This market analysis is easy to understand. It allows you to make your marketing more effective and your business more profitable.

International online marketing: bespoke

With Export Worldwide, you can choose the exact level of online marketing service that you need.

In our DIY package, you can choose to do you own keyword research and write your own product pages. You can then use the accurate Export Worldwide translation tool to translate your pages in up to 20 languages and publish them on the platform.

Alternatively, with our complete package, Export Worldwide can do the research, writing and translation for you. If you choose this, then you benefit from expert research and writing and hybrid translation, where a person checks the machine translation for accuracy.

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