What is Hybrid Translation?

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What is hybrid translation?

It is a method of translation that utilizes the advantages of machine and human translation to deliver the highest quality multilingual content. Translating is quick and cost-effective like a machine, but with the added accuracy of a human translator.

ExportWorldwide uses this method to translate content quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively, ensuring your products and services are visible worldwide. The platform enables users to translate content into a total of 20 languages, making it visible in 110 countries and to 84% of the world trade market.

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What is hybrid translation?

Both machine translation and human translation have disadvantages. Machine translation is quick and effective, but can be inaccurate. Human translation is accurate, but extremely expensive and time consuming. This means that neither method is ideal for producing high quality translations at an affordable rate.

ExportWorldwide is a unique platform that utilizes both machine and human translation to ensure the highest quality of translation is provided at an affordable price. The following procedure is used:

  • Content is translated into 20 languages using a machine translation tool.
  • The translations are edited by a human translator. This includes the consideration of the cultural differences between languages and the context in which the content is written. This ensures that keywords and content are localised.
  • The translated content is analysed to ensure the high standards of accuracy are met.
  • The final product is content that is understandable and appropriate for foreign speakers.

What is hybrid translation and what are its benefits?

There are many reasons why hybrid translated content is better than machine or human translated content. ExportWorldwide offers the following:

Feature Benefit
Fast Content is translated quickly using machine translation, whilst still maintaining the quality of a human translator.
Accurate The human translator proofreads and edits the multilingual content to ensure the text is accurate throughout all 20 languages.
Affordable Human translation is extremely expensive. Hybrid translation is affordable, whilst still maintaining the quality of a human translator.
Size Huge portions of text can be accurately translated within a short space of time.
Simultaneous translations Multiple languages can be translated at the same time, further increasing the speed of the translation process.
Human understanding Idioms, context, or cultural differences do not get translated accurately by machines. Hybrid translation utilizes human translators to translate these.
Thorough reviewing All machine translated content can be reviewed by a human translator multiple times. This ensures that there are minimum errors and that the text is localised.

What is hybrid translation and why should you use it?

Translating content is an essential way to ensure your business is successful internationally. To attract international business, the potential customer must understand the language your content is written in. Otherwise, it is extremely unlikely that they will contact you. The best way to attract international clients is to translate your content into as many languages as possible.

ExportWorldwide uses hybrid translation to accurately translate content into 20 languages that are spoken in 110 countries and by 84% of the world trade market. This ensures that when a potential international client reads your content, they can understand and relate to it.

The hybrid translation platform is an accurate, cost-effective, and quick way to translate suitable content for international markets.

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