New HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS KVM-W Series Wireless Kilovoltmeters

New HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS KVM-W Series Wireless Kilovoltmeters

HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS, a leading developer and provider of high voltage test systems and measuring devices, announces the launch of the new KVM-W Series Wireless Kilovoltmeters.

The KVM-W Series AC/DC Wireless Kilovoltmeters is the first of its kind designed to provide exceptional SAFETY through its wireless communication system. It is a highly accurate, portable and modern voltage measurement and calibration system. Each model in this series contains a high voltage assembly, measurement device, durable carrying case, and mobile App. The carrying case and battery operation mode make the system completely portable for field testing, while the precision divider assembly and readout device make it suitable for laboratory use. The KVM-W Series products perform multiple functions including DC, AC Peak, AC RMS, AC Absolute Average, Frequency and Crest Factor measurements. Units are available in 100kV, 200kV, 300kV and 400kV for a wide variety of applications.

The KVM-W is a modern tool for field and laboratory testing and calibration. The HIPOTRONICS app is easily available, just type HIPOTRONICS into the search bar of the app store.

HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS is a part of Hubbell Incorporated (HUBB), with central offices in Basel, Switzerland and Brewster, NY, USA. As a leading customer-focused, high voltage test equipment manufacturer, and with a reputation for outstanding customer support and product quality, HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS offers a full range of innovative test systems and measuring solutions.