Airtight car cover protects valuable cars from moisture and rust

Airtight car cover [PermaBag]

The airtight car cover keeps your car in perfect condition in indoor and outdoor locations. Simply drive your car on, zip the cover up and store your car for weeks, months or years.

Desiccant cylinders remove moisture and maintain a low humidity level. Your car stays free of dust, rust and mildew.

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What is the airtight car cover?

The PermaBag® drive in car cover is a professional vehicle-storage solution that protects valuable cars from corrosion, moisture and dust.

PermaBag is available in indoor and outdoor versions. The outdoor version includes an internal cover for extra paint protection and a weatherproof top for protection from wind, rain, hail and UV light.

Your car stays in perfect condition and looks great every time you drive it.

How does the airtight car cover work?

Unzip the cover, drive your car on, pull the cover over the roof, and close it with the airtight zipper.

A desiccant pack (PermaPack®) removes moisture and achieves the ideal humidity level within eight hours. Your car stays free of mildew and rust for weeks, months and years.

Use the built-in humidity meter to check the humidity level. The PermaPack desiccant is non-toxic and reusable. When the humidity begins to rise, simply remove the desiccant pack and recharge it in your oven to use it again and again.

The PermaBag car capsule works without electricity, which means you can store your car in any location:

  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • Sheds and barns
  • Underground parking
  • Outdoor locations on tarmac

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Features of the airtight car cover

  • Moisture-controlled car storage cover: Your car comes out exactly as it went in—no dust, rust or moisture!
  • No need for electricity: Store your car in locations without a power supply.
  • Includes humidity meter: Easily check the humidity inside your PermaBag.
  • Reusable, non-toxic desiccant: Save money by reusing your desiccant PemaPack for up to six years. Easily recharge the desiccant in your oven.
  • 10 sizes available: Get the perfect fit for your car or motorbike. The small PermaBag is also suitable for storing other valuables, artwork, instruments and antiques.

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