Reusable desiccant packs for humidity control in cars and safes

Reusable desiccant packs [PermaPack]

Protect your car and valuables from moisture, mildew and mould. PermaPack® reusable desiccant packs absorb moisture and help keep leather, wood and upholstery in their original condition.

The desiccant pack is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. When the pack is saturated, simply bake it in an oven to recharge it.

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Reusable desiccant packs for cars and valuables

PermaPack is a moisture absorbing cylinder that contains a reusable desiccant. The desiccant removes moisture from the air, which makes it ideal for controlling humidity in cars, safes and other closed spaces.

When the desiccant is saturated, simply bake it in a domestic over for four to five hours to recharge it. You save money by using your PermaPack multiple times for up to six years. You also reduce waste, making PermaPack an environmentally friendly way of controlling moisture.

The reusable dehumidifier pack is non-toxic. You can put it in your oven with confidence that it is safe for humans and animals.

PermaPack is ideal for confined places:

  • Car boots
  • Safes
  • Cupboards
  • Gun cabinets

To protect your car from mould and mildew, use PermaPack with PermaBag®: an airtight car cover for the long-term storage of luxury cars.

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Benefits of the reusable desiccant packs

Features Benefits
Reusable Save money by using the same desiccant packs for three to four years.
Made from 316 stainless steel Does not rust and is salt and seawater resistant. Your PermaPack lasts for five to six years.
Environmentally-friendly and non-toxic PermaPack is safe for children and pets. Safely recharge the pack in your oven.
Two sizes available Choose the ideal size for your car boot, cupboard or safe.

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