Car capsule provides moisture-free, long-term car storage

Car capsule [PermaBag]

This car capsule protects your car for weeks, months and years. Your car comes out exactly as it went in—no rust, no dust or moisture.

PermaBag® is a professional car cover that stores your car in moisture-controlled conditions. Ideal for garages, workshops and outdoor locations.

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Professional car capsule for long-term luxury car storage

The PermaBag car capsule is a professional solution for storing your car in safe conditions. Simply unzip the bag, drive your car on, pull the cover over the roof, and close the capsule with the airtight zipper.

A desiccant pack (PermaPack®) removes moisture from the capsule and achieves the ideal humidity level within eight hours.

PermaBag works without electricity, which means you can store your car in any location.

PermaBag is also more effective than electric dehumidifiers at maintaining a constant humidity level.

The car capsule includes a humidity meter, so you can check the humidity level at any time, without opening the bag.

The PermaPack desiccant is non-toxic and reusable. Simply remove the desiccant pack from the bag and put it in your oven to recharge it. You can use the same PermaPack for up to six years.


Rust-free car capsule for indoor and outdoor locations

PermaBag is available for indoor and outdoor locations. The outdoor version includes an internal cover for paint protection and a weatherproof top cover for protection from wind, rain, hail and UV light.

PermaBag is ideal for:

  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • Sheds and barns
  • Underground parking
  • Outdoor locations on tarmac

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PermaBag® features and benefits

Features Benefits
Moisture-controlled car storage cover Store your car for weeks, months and years. Your car comes out exactly as it went in—no dust, rust or moisture!
No need for electricity Safely store your car in locations without a power supply. PermaBag keeps working 24 hours a day.
Includes humidity meter and viewing window Easily check the humidity inside your car capsule and see when it’s time to recharge the desiccant.
Reusable, non-toxic desiccant Save money by reusing your desiccant PermaPack many times. Easily recharge the desiccant in your oven.
10 sizes available Get the perfect fit for your car or motorbike. The small PermaBag is also suitable for storing other valuables, artwork, instruments and antiques.

The PermaBag has been protecting luxury cars for over 22 years.

Motor Klassik magazine, Germany, has given J.F Stanley & Co. the ‘best brand’ award nine times since 2007, including every year since 2013.

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