British cream stout distributor: Silver Top

Silver Top Cream Stout [Silver Top Cream Stout]

Silver Top: Silver Top by Old Dairy Brewery, British Cream Stout Distributor

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British cream stout distributor, Silver Top is a true and proper british cream stout, combining rich roastiness with sweet malt and a dash of hops. Pop open a bottle brewed by Old Dairy Brewery – the premium british cream stout distributor – and you’ll discover a silky-smooth, creamy beverage with a mix of bold but balanced flavours and a roasty finish.  Its dark colour is appealing, too.

The famous british cream stout distributor uses a blend of dark roasted english malts to create waves of chocolate, coffee and liquorice. These full-bodied flavours are beautifully offset by the rich, fruity aroma and subtle spice undertones from East Kent golding, challenger and bramling cross hops.

Enjoy on its own, or pair with your favourite cheese or game dish as an alternative to wine. Either way, you’re in for a real treat brought to you by british cream stout distributor Old Dairy Brewery – fresh from the Garden of england.

Silver Top is available all year in bottles and cask.


Water, malted barley, wheat, hops, yeast


Contains: malted barley, wheat



Units of Alcohol

2.3 units


Available all year in bottles and cask

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