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Control valve silencer [Ventx]

Ventx control valve silencer
Ventx control valve silencer

Ventx is a leading control valve silencer manufacturer.

Valve silencers reduce unwanted noise pollution from the release of pressurised gas in the atmosphere, including oxygen and nitrogen. Each valve silencer is manufactured to the customer’s needs, ensuring it is well equipped to reduce noise pollution for any application.

Make your workplace a quieter one with Ventx.

Control valve silencer

A Ventx control valve silencer works in the same way as a vent silencer. A valve silencer uses the same design and principles of acoustics as gas vent silencers to reduce noise levels in the workplace.

As the steam or gas enters the silencer through the diffuser, the air expands into the several holes of the expansion chamber.

This method means that the noise created by the release of gases into the atmosphere are greatly reduced. This makes them ideal for the following applications:

  • Pipeline industries
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Thermal and nuclear plants
  • Gas, fluid, air, and steam process plants
  • Combustion boilers

Each valve silencer I customised to the customer’s needs. This is because the needs of each customer are different, so every valve silencer needs to be manufactured to cope with the specific unwanted noise levels and application. For example, units can be mounted horizontally or vertically, can be fitted with Weather-Hood and Bird-Screen options, and are available in a wide range of sizes.

Control valve silencer manufacturer features

Previous customers The valve silencer manufacturer has manufactured industrial silencers for major companies, including Helyon and Olmar
Experience Ventx has over 40 years of acoustic knowledge
Innovative Unique computer software is used to ensure the highest level of accuracy when manufacturing a control valve silencer
Flexible If changes need to be made, Ventx will assist you throughout the whole process to ensure these are implemented
Quality The vent silencer manufacturer uses the highest quality equipment and experienced staff
Long life Ventx silencers last for many years
Cost-effective The industrial silencers are the most cost-effective available
Regulations Every silencer meets the standards for the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 and the Environmental Noise Regulations 2007

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