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Christian and Preben Woergaard launched Wogaard with the unique and innovative Coolant Saver product with a focus on cost-cutting and optimisation for the manufacturing industry. Both have vast experience in the industry from design to maintenance and noticed the coolant wastage produced by CNC machines and the impact on companies in both costs and environmentally. The team then went to work and designed a innovative product to reclaim this wastage, using the machines wasted power to operate the unit so avoiding additional energy usage and cost. Primary customers for Coolant Saver are CNC machine shops, of all sizes, that are constantly looking to improve their competitive edge and reduce any impact on the environment from day-to-day manufacturing processes.

The last 4 years has seen the introduction of Jason Hutt to the team and the product launching into the Global market. Many companies have enjoyed great cost saving and environmental benefits of the award winning products (See case studies).

Wogaard has focused on working with good technical distribution partners globally and is stocking in UK, USA, Denmark, Australia and this list is growing.

2016 saw some great milestones in the company with over 2000 units supplied and installed in machine shops across the world and the introduction of new products including the Oil Saver typically for Swiss-type sliding head lathes.

We are looking forward to 2017 and already have some great new innovative products on the table and the exciting news of Wogaard USA launching into the market with a great team.

We look forward to working with you.

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